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How it works

How does online tailoring work with Binks?

When you place an online stitching order, we'll schedule a pickup for your fabric & sample garment from your home. Next, a dedicated personal designer will help you style your fabric. Once the design is confirmed, we'll stitch the garment & ship it to your home in 5-15 working days depending on the delivery timeline you select. We’ll take care of alterations, if any, at no extra cost.

How will you take my measurements?

We don’t do in-person measurements anymore, because of the COVID pandemic. A sample garment works just fine. It needn't fit you perfectly. As long as we know what's wrong with the sample garment (too tight, too loose, wrinkles etc), we can make a new garment that fits well.

I need somebody to take my measurements. Is that possible?

In the interest of safety during the COVID pandemic, we have discontinued home visits. We've been using sample garments for measurements with success. Even if your sample garment doesn’t fit perfectly, we can use it as a baseline and make tweaks based on your feedback.

I don't have a sample garment. What are my options?

Please ping up on our support, & we'd be happy to help.

Do you help with designing the outfit?

Yes. When you place a stitching order with us, we pair you up with one of our personal design consultants who will help design a look for your outfit. While you’re making this choice, she will also help you understand what kind of designs might suit your body type.

I don't have fabric but I want something tailored. Can you help?

Yes. We have a range of gorgeous in-house fabric you can choose from. We also help source fabric, matching or otherwise, from the top online & offline fabric sellers in the country.

What kind of clothes do you stitch?

We stitch all types of women's clothing, both ethnic & western. The categories we service include saree blouses, salwar kameez, lehengas, dresses, gowns, trousers and shirts, among other things. We also provide finishing services like saree fall addition, pico(zigzag), hemming & saree kuchu (tassel addition).

I want something tailored but don't see it in your list of categories. How do I place an order?

Given the variety of women's clothing, it's possible we don't have all named categories listed. In such a case, you can select a category closest to what you have in mind (eg. trouser if you want a palazzo pant) or select 'Something else' while placing an order.

I have a design reference. Can you make me something that looks like it?

If you have inspiration from Pinterest, friends’ outfits, etc, we can use it as a starting point.

How long do you take to deliver an order?

We offer 3 delivery types; express delivery in 5 days at an additional cost of Rs. 249, standard delivery in 10 days at no extra cost & discounted delivery in 15 days with Rs. 50 off the total order.

I need my custom outfit in less than 5 working days. Is this possible?

Please ping us on our support& we'll try our best to accommodate your request.

I need to stitch something but I don't know how many meters are required. Can you help?

Of course. Please ping us on our support and we’ll figure it out.

What precautions are you taking to ensure safety during the COVID pandemic?

We’re taking all the advised precautions to keep our staff and customers safe. We arrange for contactless pickup of fabric and delivery of your finished outfits. Every package is sanitized at our workshop before we hand it over to our delivery partners. Our workshop is sanitized twice a day and we keep a check on the health of our employees. The only thing you need to do is take precautions when you receive the package, since it’s been in transit with third-party delivery partners.

Where do you source the fabric? I need matching fabric.

We source the fabric from popular offline stores in Bengaluru (Mysore Silk Udyog, Manoranjan etc) as well as major online stores (Fabriclore, Sourceitright, Itokri etc).

Since you do not take measurements, how do you guarantee that the clothes will fit me well?

We do a lot to ensure that we get your measurements accurately from a sample garment. You can read more about it here.

What if my tailored clothes don’t fit as expected?

We’ll alter them at no extra charge based on the feedback you provide. And we’ll learn from the process by recording your final measurements for future use.

How will I send the piece back to you for alteration?

You don’t have to do a thing. We’ll pick it up and drop it at your doorstep after we’re done.

I have a special request about my order. How do I communicate it?

You will interact with your personal designer during the course of your order. You can share any special requests or specifications you may have with the designer & we will ensure that it's taken care of.

I don’t need anything stitched, but I need some dresses altered. Do you undertake alteration orders?

Nope, unfortunately we don't. However, in case you have a stitching order, we can take alterations along with that.


What are your charges?

You can check our pricing here

Do your prices include lining?

Yes, we don’t charge separately for lining. If a dress needs lining material, we will use it at no extra cost to you. We could make it without lining but it wouldn't be wearable right? Then why have a price for that? :)

Do you charge extra for pickup and delivery?

No, we do not. You just pay for the stitching & anything else you want us to buy on your behalf and that’s it.

If my order has alterations, will you charge extra?

No, we do not. We try to get your measurements as accurately as possible, to avoid alterations. But in case your dress doesn’t fit, the cost of alteration is on us!

I need fabric sourced. Will you charge for it?

We do not charge extra for sourcing fabric. Any fabric bought for you is charged at cost price.

When will I know the final price of my order?

After you have discussed the design details of your outfit with your personal designer, we’ll send you a quote. We’ll commence stitching only after you’re aware of and have okayed the rate.

Will you charge extra for embellishments?

It depends. We don’t charge for detailing such as piping, dori, fabric buttons, potli buttons etc. However, we do charge extra for more elaborate embellishments such as latkans, embroidery, lace, applique etc. The actual price will depend on the quantum of work and will be discussed with you upfront before we start work.

Saree Blouse Stitching

How much do you charge for stitching saree blouses?

Non-padded blouses costs Rs. 899 and padded blouses cost Rs. 1199. You have the option to go for the princess cut or 3 dart blouse in either categories. While most designs we make fall under these two categories, some designer blouses require more time and effort and hence may be charged extra.

Do your saree blouse stitching prices include lining?

Yes, we don’t charge separately for lining (except for satin lining). Read more about why.

Do handwork and embroidery cost extra, or are they covered in the price of the blouse?

We charge extra for handwork and embroidery. The price would depend on the intricacy of the work.

Do you charge extra for detailing such as piping, buttons, etc?

No, we do not charge extra for simple detailing such as potli buttons, fabric buttons, doris, piping etc.

I tend to lose and gain weight on my torso and arms. Will you have adequate margins so that I can alter the blouse later?

We believe you should have a long-term relationship with the clothes in your wardrobe. Unlike zero-margin readymade clothes, we have generous seam allowances in all our stitched clothes, so you can alter them as you need.

I usually struggle to zero in on designs for blouses, especially grand ones like wedding blouses. Will I get help?

Of course! Your personal design consultant will help you settle on a look for your blouse. If you have references you love, from Pinterest/friends’ weddings etc, we can work with that as a starting point. If you want to start from scratch, that’s fine too.

I have a slightly offbeat requirement. I need a blouse with detachable sleeves. Can you do that?

Sure thing. We have catered to many unconventional design requirements! :) If you’ve got any such specifications, tell us and we’ll figure out how to make it happen.

What type of lining do you use?

We work with three types of lining, and we choose from these depending on the fabric.
- Pre-washed cotton lining (soft, comfy, and great at soaking up sweat)
- American crepe (suitable for more flowy blouses)
- Satin ( for sheer blouses, net blouses etc). Only this one is charged extra.

Saree Upcycling

I have an old saree I want to use to make new clothes. Is that possible? What will it cost?

Yes, we love upcycling old sarees! There’s no special cost for upcycling a saree. The saree is just a dress material for all intents and purposes, and the cost of stitching will depend on what you want to turn your saree into.

What if there’s saree material left over after you’re done?

We can turn it into another dress or accessory. If you have a little one (kid or pet :), we can make them a twin outfit. Or if you’d like, we can send it back to you with your finished outfit.

Pocket Addition

Can I add pockets to any type of clothing?

Yes, almost. We can add pockets to 90% of your clothes including dresses, kurtas, trousers, skirts etc. There are some cases where we cannot or it's not advisable. For example, we cannot add pockets to clothes that are very tight fitted or have no side seams. Read more here.

How much does it cost to add pockets? What all is included in the cost?

The cost for adding 1 pocket each for 4 items of clothing is Rs. 799. This cost includes home pickup, pocket fabric, sewing charges, doorstep delivery & taxes.

I want to give less than/more than 4 items of clothing. What's the cost?

The minimum cost is Rs. 799 for upto 4 items of clothing. So if you send us 2 items or 4, the cost for you will be the same. In case of more than 4 items, each extra item will be charged at Rs. 189.

Do you do other alterations as well? Can you alter my clothes along with adding pockets?

Unfortunately, we don't. We only alter clothes we have stitched ourselves.

What if I want a pocket both on the left & right?

The cost of Rs. 799 includes only 1 pocket per item of clothing.

What type of fabric will be used for the pocket?

We will use pre-washed and doubled cotton lining fabric matching your piece of clothing.

What type of pocket will be attached? How big will it be?

We'll attach inseam pockets either on the left or right, whichever side you prefer. Our pockets are like a work of art, deep and meaningful.


How do I make the payment?

Once your design is confirmed, we will share a payment link with you. You can make the payment using any online modes like UPI, card, net banking etc. We only accept online payments.

When do I make the payment?

For stitching orders, you need to pay before delivery. However, you can rest assured that any alterations after delivery will be handled free of cost. If you’re procuring the fabric from us too, you need to pay for the fabric before we start making your garment.

Other Queries

Where is your shop?

We're an online boutique & the customer experience is entirely online & at-home. We don't have a physical store. We operate out of our office in Ulsoor.

Why is online tailoring a better option?

It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s free of hassles. You don’t have to vie for your tailor’s attention, you can speak to a designer from the comfort of your couch. You don’t have to make repeat visits in case stitching is delayed; in fact, you don’t have to make any visits. Also, in the times of COVID, it’s a great way to get something new and pretty for your wardrobe without compromising your safety.

Why should I choose Binks over any other online tailoring service?

Our superpower is delighting our customers, both with our product and service. We have an all-women team of designers and staff, specifically because we want you to feel as comfortable and understood as possible. Our design process is very collaborative - if you have ideas, references, or any special requirements, we’ll work with them. We also pride ourselves on being sticklers for detail - your outfit will be finished to perfection.

Which cities do you operate in?

We currently service all areas in Bengaluru.

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