This designer blouse comes with a secret detailing that makes it extra comfortable

This designer blouse comes with a secret detailing that makes it extra comfortable

Bonus: Binks can custom-make this gorgeous blouse into any size!

Designer blouses are all the rage come wedding season! But they're often extremely uncomfortable, itchy and worst of all: ill-fitting. At Binks, you know that we're not just connoisseurs of the right fit but also work tirelessly to create designer blouse styles that don't compromise on comfort, quality and look ridiculously good!

Our latest offering: Nargis (a corset-style blouse) is the one of the new designer blouse fits that we have created to solve for all your wedding wear woes. Shop Nargis here.

What sets this designer blouse apart?

Nargis is a super comfy and stylish corset-style blouse with boning. Made of art-silk in Crimson Red colour, it comes with an elasticated back fitted with a metallic zipper.

The back will ensure that even if your size fluctuates, this stunning piece doesn't get too loose or tight around the bust area, which itself comes with padding and the whole blouse is lined with soft American crepe. Know more here.

Nargis by Binks

This designer blouse is also made to be worn as a stunning top-wear piece. Style it a pair high waist trousers for a sleek yet casual look. Take a look at Nargis here.

What's more is that this blouse is tailored to your measurement! Here's how:

  1. Place an order for the Nargis Blouse here
  2. Schedule an at-home measurement visit or virtual consult before you checkout
  3. Get the Nargis Blouse, in your unique size, home-delivered in 7-10 days. ONLY IN BANGALORE.

Have the right material, but are looking for a tailor who understands the right fit? Binks can do it for you, all from the comfort of your own home. To get started, place an order on the Binks website or WhatsApp on +91 85440 70539.

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