Wedding Dress TLC: How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Wear

Wedding Dress TLC: How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Wear

This is the Ultimate Wedding Dress TLC Guide!

The wedding season is all set to start, and we are all very well aware of the fact that wedding outfits are often made from the most delicate materials. And, thus need to be handled carefully.

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When it comes to taking care of a wedding dress, it can be a tad bit overwhelming, we know, and especially with so many ways available, how do you know where to start? This article has everything you need to know about properly caring for your wedding dress!

The Ultimate Wedding Dress TLC Guide:

1. Hang it with care

Wedding dresses should be treated with care since they are so delicate. They are made up of delicate lace and fabrics. The best way to protect a wedding dress and achieve the right look is by hanging it on a hanger instead of folding it. Use a padded hanger whenever possible; avoid using a wire hanger. This can harm the delicate fabric of the dress.

2. Don't handle it too frequently

The wedding dress is a vital part of a wedding ceremony, so be careful while handling it. It may seem like a good idea to give the wedding outfit a quick look every time. The fabric, though, could be harmed by this.

Wedding dresses are made from delicate fabrics. They need to be handled carefully, so the dress does not tear or stain quickly.

3. Steaming and pressing

Wrinkles often appear from the day when getting a wedding dress till wearing it on the wedding day. The wrinkles on the wedding dress might be pulling the look down. Simple steaming can help eliminate most wrinkles in the wedding outfit but ensure that the dress doesn't get wet.

4. Keep it away from heat and dampness

Wedding outfits are one of the most expensive and essential things one will invest in as a bride. They are made of delicate fabrics, which can be damaged by wetness and extreme heat. It is necessary to keep the wedding dress away from heat and dampness. Don’t put the dress in a harsh light because it can fade its colour. The outfit can be hung in an acid-free plastic clothing bag to increase its life.

5. Carrying the dress while travelling

If you carry the wedding dress while travelling, you must ensure it doesn't wrinkle or damage. Travelling with the dress might not seem easy, but the best way to protect it is to ensure that it is adequately packed. Use a box to carry the dress rather than a simple bag.

A wedding is a lifetime event; therefore, it should be cherished throughout life. To have the perfect wedding day, it is vital to take care of every detail, including the dress.

However, the wedding wear should be taken good care of so that one remembers all the smiles and tears they shed on their wedding day. Get the dream wedding wear tailor-made from Binks to make the day more memorable, and remember how those moments made you feel throughout your life.

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