5 Silk Saree Maintenance Tips Nobody is Telling You About

5 Silk Saree Maintenance Tips Nobody is Telling You About

Silk sarees have a special place in all our hearts, not only because they are grand but also because there are so many beautiful memories associated with every silk saree that we own. This is why it breaks our heart to see silk sarees get worn out or ruined due to poor maintenance.

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In this guide to silk saree maintenance, we’ll talk about simple hacks we can follow to make sure that our precious kanjeevaram sarees, tussar sarees, tissue sarees, etc., last longer. We’ll also talk about some tips for silk saree stain removal.

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How to maintain silk sarees?

Here are Bink’s top 5 silk saree maintenance tips:

  1. Leave your silk sarees to air dry after every use. You should try not to wash your silk saree as much as possible. If it is absolutely necessary, you can give them to your trusted dry cleaners. Or, you can hand wash your silk saree at home using a mild detergent. For the first couple of washes, try to skip the detergent and wash the pallu and border separately.
  1. Do not store your silk sarees together or along with other sarees. The friction between the sarees can cause damage. Instead, wrap every silk saree in a muslin cloth or a readymade saree bag while storing them in the cupboard.
  1. Silk sarees can get frayed easily when kept inside cupboards for long periods. So, pull out all your silk sarees every 2 to 3 months and leave them out to air dry. After that, change the folds and store them as before.
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  1. Hanging your silk sarees can be a great idea. However, try to avoid metal hangers as the metal may react with silk sarees and damage them.
  1. Lastly, try not to store your silk sarees in damp cupboards, as this can lead to fungus or silverfish infestation. To avoid this, you can place silica gel sachets and naphthalene balls near your silk sarees.

Silk Saree Maintenance: How to keep silk sarees in the cupboard?

Here’s how you can keep silk sarees in the cupboard:

  1. Air-dry the silk sarees and gently fold them.
  2. Wrap individual sarees in soft muslin or cotton clothes.
  3. Hang the silk sarees in a plastic hanger or carefully stack them up on top of the other.

Silk Saree Maintenance: How to remove silk saree stains?

Silk saree stain removal can be tricky. Here are some tips that can help you get rid of silk saree stains:

  1. Start by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar. Use a dropper to test this solution at a concealed area of the silk saree. Wait for a couple of minutes and check for any discoloration or damage.
  1. Next, dab a sponge in the solution and gently dab it on the silk saree stain. Then, leave it aside for the next 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. Then, gently wash the silk saree in lukewarm water using a mild detergent or baby shampoo. Do not wring or be rough with the silk fabric.
  1. If you do not see results with the vinegar solution, try mixing 1 part dishwashing detergent with 10 parts water and repeat the same. Or, you can also try top silk stain removers available in the market. Make sure to patch test and read the instructions before use.
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Try these silk saree maintenance tips

Silk saree maintenance can be tricky, and without proper maintenance, your expensive sarees may get damaged. The tips and hacks offered in this article will help you maintain your precious silk sarees for a long time.

FAQs on silk saree maintenance

Can a silk saree aree be kept in a hanger or folded in a safe place like boards?

Yes, silk sarees can be kept in plastic hangers or folded in a cool, dry place in cupboards. Make sure that you wrap the silk sarees in separate muslin clothes before storing them to avoid friction.

Can a silk saree be washed with a detergent Soap?

Yes, silk sarees can be washed with detergent soap. But, make sure that you only hand wash your silk saree and use a mild, hand-wash detergent soap instead of the harsh machine wash ones.

Can a silk saree be washed after wearing it once?

Yes, silk sarees can be washed after they are worn once. But, try to wash new silk sarees with plain water only. Avoid using detergents for the first couple of washes.

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