10 Charming Saree Blouse Back Designs: 2024 Edition

10 Charming Saree Blouse Back Designs: 2024 Edition

We can all agree that saree blouse back designs are the most exciting part of any saree look. Be it a casual saree look or a wedding look, your blouse back design can completely elevate it and give it that stunning touch.


Blouses with stunning black designs - 2024


If you’re looking for saree blouse back designs that are trending in 2024, then we’ve got your back, pun fully intended.

Top 10 Latest Blouse Designs for Back

To give your saree outfit a modern twist, take a look at the latest blouse designs for back. These top 10 latest back blouse designs feature gorgeous embroidery and trendy cuts, ensuring you look absolutely stunning and fashionable.

Traditional Touch: Ethnic Blouse Back Designs

1. Bow detailing at the back

Want to dress up your festive saree look? Just add a cute bow detailing at the back of the blouse, and your blouse will easily be the talk of the occasion.

Be it a simple saree design or a heavy Banarasi saree design, adding a bow will be your statement piece for the day, just like in the case of our signature Sherry blouse.

Sherry blouse
Saree Blouse Back Designs
Blouse Back Designs


Saree Designs


2. Circular open-back with embellishments

Another trendy saree blouse design for the season is the one with a circular opening at the back and embellishments all around it. This usually goes with a closed neck design at the front. This design looks extremely chic and elegant, and you should definitely give it a shot!

saree blouse design

Shaheen x Tyohaar | Cobalt Blue Elbow Sleeves FlexiFit™ Saree Blouse with Zero Neck with Back Cut-Out and Gota Embellishment_7


blouse design


back design


3. Net or mesh detailing

Playing around with mesh or net detailing is another modern saree blouse designs back side design you should get stitched in 2024. This is perfect for those occasions where you want to adorn an open-back blouse yet want to look modest. Play around with different patterns, embroidery, and embellishments - the options are endless!

mesh detailing
net or mesh detailing


back design


sarri design


sarri blouse design


Back Design


4. Heavily embroidered or embellished back for special occasions

Yes, we are talking about wedding saree and lehenga blouses now. Of course, you have to go OTT here. We suggest you work with expert karigars and designers to come up with saree blouse back designs that go best with your look. Play around with the shapes and types of embroidery to make your back design look unique.

embroidery design
blouse design


Heavily embroidered design


embroidered blouse design


5. Tie-up detailing with tassels

Back designs with tie-up detailing, especially the ones with tassels, look extremely stylish and feminine. And no, we are not talking about adding simple doris here. Instead, experiment with a deep neck and strappy tie-ups.

deep neck and strappy tie-ups


strappy tie-ups


Ahana x Tyohaar | Cobalt Blue Sleeveless FlexiFit™ Saree Blouse with Plunging Neckline and Back Cut Out with Tasteful Gota Lace Embellishment_5

strappy tie-ups design


6. Strappy saree blouse back designs

We have all adored celebrities looking drop-dead gorgeous in strappy back blouses. But can you pull it off? Of course! Strappy designer blouse back design backs can be as modest as you want. So, definitely do pass up on this trend. Strappy backs work great for evening looks such as cocktail parties and Sangeet functions.

Strappy saree blouse back designs


Zeba x Tyohaar | Purple Sleeveless FlexiFit™ Saree Blouse with Square Neck with Gota Lace and Deep Back_2

Strappy saree blouse designs
Strappy saree back designs


Strappy saree


7. Potli button design

This one’s a traditional Indian saree blouse back design that goes great with Peshwai sarees, Banarasi sarees, Patola sarees, etc. A V-neck on the back with potli buttons all around looks minimal and goes well with all your heavy traditional sarees.

Potli button design

8. Blouse back designs with different geometric shapes

Another saree blouse back design trend that we observed in 2024 - experimentation with unique geometric shapes. These designs work both with simple cotton sarees for work as well as heavy festive sarees. Work with shapes and use embellishments that complement these shapes.

Blouse back designs


Blouse designs


Aziza x Tyohaar | Elbow Sleeves Saree Blouse in Purple

Blouse designs
back designs


9. Temple-jewellery inspired saree blouse back design

Next comes a South Indian saree blouse back design inspired by temple jewelry. If you are over brocades and simple dori designs, try zardozi or any other embroidery work with temple jewelry designs, and you’ll definitely see lots of heads turn!

Temple-jewellery inspired saree
simple dori design


10. Modest everyday-wear closed-back designs

Want to go basic and minimal? Then you can always go back to saree blouses with closed backs. These look elegant and add the right kind of oomph for everyday wear saree looks. You cannot go wrong with these. Such designs go best with printed fabrics.

closed-back designs
back designs
closed back designs


Begum x Tyohaar | Elbow Sleeves Saree Blouse in Crimson Red

closed designs


Accessories That Perfectly Complement Your Stylish Blouse Back Designs

Enhance the back designs of your blouses with these easily coordinated accessories.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories like gajra, flower pins, or any other hair brooch add style to your saree blouse design back side. They make your outfit look more elegant and put-together, improving its overall attractiveness.

Waist chain

A waist chain on a blouse can create an hourglass figure, making the back design more attractive by emphasizing the waist and creating a visual balance. 

Jhumka earring with hair chain

Pair jhumka earrings with a hair chain in the same metal colour. Attach the hair chain behind your ears and clip it at the nape of your neck for a beautiful cascade of chains and jhumkas down your back.

  • Blouse Back Brooch Pin

A saviour for family gatherings where you do not want to wear a backless blouse but still want to show off your latest blouse designs for back. These brooches come in a variety of designs, including layering beads and stone, and they beautifully cover the back of your blouse.

  • Blouse Latkan

The most affordable and common stylish blouse back design which you can see or every other blouse. With a gentle sway when you move, latkans have that charm to draw all the attention towards you. 

How to Select A Saree Blouse Design

To get the latest blouse design for back follow below given instructions. 

Consider the Saree

Look at the colour, fabric, and design of your saree. Your stylish blouse back design should complement these aspects. For example, if your saree is heavily embroidered, you might want a simpler blouse to balance it out.

Occasion and Style

Think about where you'll wear the saree. Is it for a wedding, a party, or a casual event? Choose a blouse style that suits the occasion. For weddings, intricate and embellished blouses are popular, while for casual wear, simpler daily wear blouse back neck designs work well.

Your Body Shape

Pick a saree blouse design back side that complements your body type. If you have a fuller figure, consider blouses with longer sleeves or a higher neckline. Slimmer figures can experiment with backless or sleeveless styles.

Trends and Personal Style

Look at current trends if you're unsure. Off-shoulder, boat neck, or high-neck blouses are popular choices. However, choose a designer blouse back design that reflects your personal taste and comfort.


Always try on the blouse before finalizing. Check how it fits, how it looks with the saree and whether you feel confident and comfortable in it.


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FAQs on Designer Blouse Back Design

  • What are the latest trends in blouse designs for the back?

Trending blouse back designs include deep U-backs, keyhole backs, and intricate lace designs, adding elegance and style.

  • Which type of back blouse designs are suitable for both casual and formal occasions?

High necks with button detailing and simple V-backs are versatile options that transition well from casual to formal settings.

  • Can I mix and match different blouse back designs with various sarees?

Yes, experiment with designs like halter necks for modern sarees, and traditional embroidery for classic sarees, to create unique combinations.

  • Are there any specific blouse-back designs for bridal sarees?

Bridal sarees pair beautifully with heavy embroidery, deep back cut-outs, and embellishments like beads and sequins for a glamorous look.

  • How do I care for and maintain saree blouses with intricate back designs?

Hand-wash delicately using mild detergent, avoiding vigorous scrubbing. Air-dry in shade to preserve embroidery and embellishments.

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