What Is Upcycling and How You Can Upcycle Your Outfits The Binks Way

What Is Upcycling and How You Can Upcycle Your Outfits The Binks Way

What is upcycling? How does it work?

Upcycling is the art of transforming old, damaged or underused clothes into something that has utility. While upcycling might be great for any goods at home, the wardrobe is what needs it the most. It's the perfect way to lease new life into a garment that no longer sparks joy.

The apparel industry is second only to the oil industry in terms of pollution, taking into account, not just the resources it takes to make fabrics but also the landfills in which most fast-fashion clothing ends up after minimal use. If there is ever a trend that we hope lasts forever, it is this one. It’s not always easy to upcycle clothing into something fashionable and requires a fair bit of creativity, but we at Binks are always up for a challenge. We have upcycled everything from dupattas, sarees and even baby swaddled into kurtas, kurtis, tunics, gowns, jackets, pantsuits, and so on.

How to repurpose sarees?

If there is one thing we can tell you about Binks, it is that we LOVE sarees. If you've been on our Instagram page or our blog section recently, chances are you already know of our love affair with sarees. Whether you're a fellow aficionado with a saree that needs a new life or someone who struggles with styling your sarees just right, upcycling might be just the thing for you. Not only does upcycling get more wear out of your sarees, but it is also a step towards sustainable fashion. Here are a few of Binks' favourite saree upcycling styles:


If a pantsuit is not the first, second or even the fourth thing to come to mind when you think of upcycling your sarees, it certainly should! A pantsuit is a great way to make a saree chic, unique, and wearable. A saree pantsuit is also a great way to make pantsuits more Indian event friendly. Either way, it's a big win and has our vote (and our expert tailoring skills to make it work).



We don't have a photo for this one, but the idea lives in our minds rent-free. If you happen to have an Ikat or Kalamkari saree that you believe requires a makeover, please take our word for it and turn it into a jumpsuit. It will become your favourite workday/ brunch without a doubt.


Co-ords are all the rage right now, especially with the right print. Sarees are the perfect base for your chic, Indo-western co-ord with the quantity of material to use. Our special recommendation? Add a matching jacket to your co-ord to truly elevate it. Do not be scared to play with the length of your jacket either. An upcycled saree jacket with a 'train' might just be unexpected enough to work.


Lehenga choli

Just in case a pantsuit or jumpsuit is too far outside your comfort zone, this one is the most classic and timeless way to elevate your saree. Give your saree some volume and turn it into a show-stopping lehenga choli. There is just no going wrong with this one.



Your old cotton sarees are one website away from being the most gorgeous Indo-western summer dresses. Since sarees have a lot of material to work with, you can experiment with dress length, arm length and some different styles. Maxi, mini, sleeveless, full-sleeved, pleated or puffed, the sky is the limit with this one.



If you want something stunning, simple and chic to come out of your declutter, a kurta is the most fuss-free way to upcycle your old sarees. You can always add beading, statement buttons, a collar or puffed sleeves to add more drama to your transformed outfit.


Duo sets

Do you know what's better than an upcycled saree outfit? TWO upcycled saree outfits that also happen to match each other. If you have a little one at home and a saree to spare, get yourself a matching duo set and twin! It's never too early to teach kids the benefits of sustainable fashion.


1-minute saree

If the only reason why you don't wear your beloved sarees more often is that you struggle to drape one, then Binks' 1-minute saree is all you need to start reaching for your sarees more often. We can turn your favourite pieces into a hassle-free, easy wear outfit that is just comfortable as it is beautiful.


We're guessing you already have a few sarees in mind to experiment with by now. If you need any extra convincing, might we add that you can make this happen from the comfort of your home, with a designer's consultation and doorstep delivery with online tailor Binks. You now have 0 reasons to procrastinate and 8 new styles to make every season your upcycled saree season.

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