The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Make clothes last longer

While it’s a pleasant surprise to be able to fit into a pair of jeans or a top you bought over a decade ago, the question of ‘does it still look fresh’ remains! The colour, hue and quality of a garment are the telltale areas where signs of wear and tear begin to appear.

Your favourite blouse may begin to show discrete signs of previous stains or those pair of jeans you loved so much may have lost their shape and look too stretchy. The reason for this is the inevitable wear and tear but what you must know is that it is indeed possible to delay the inevitable!

What we really mean to say is that we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to keep your clothing in tip-top shape.

How to make your clothes last long and look great:

Laundry Day

Laundry day. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Washing clothing in cold water and using small quantities of mild detergent is the simplest way to stop them from fading or wearing out. Turn your clothes inside out before tossing them in the washing machine, this will prevent delicate prints and patterns from rubbing against other materials. Denim jeans should be washed as infrequently as possible and they should be hand washed to prevent them from stretching out. Using a mesh bag for delicate items will protect them and always remember to button up shirts and zip up trousers before they hit the washing machine.

Storage is key

Storing clothes. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

It’s essential to think about how you’re hanging your clothes and to make sure you’re hanging the right pieces.

Use a wooden hanger instead of cheap plastic or wire as they are better at holding up heavier items like coats and jackets and do not stretch out the shoulders. Additionally, keep in mind that knit materials should not be hung at all because the weight of the garment will cause it to spread out over time.

Using mothballs/ naphthalene balls inside the wardrobe between your folded clothes, will prevent any insect or moisture damage and keep them smelling fresh.

Give it a rest

Rotate clothes. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

As much as we love particular items in our closet, it’s basic advice to rotate your shoes, jeans, trousers and jackets. This will prevent them from being worn out too quickly or being in constant use. Rotation is important for the entire wardrobe and will also give your shoes and clothes time to air out as well.

Blacks and Whites

Separating colour. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

A rule of thumb is to always separate light-coloured clothing from the dark before washing. However, black and white clothing tends to fade and can get dull over time. We’ve got a quick trick to restore its colour. All-black garments can be given a dye bath with cloth dye and all-white garments bleached to make them appear fresher.

Spotting Stains

Stain on clothes. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Treat stains on your clothing immediately. The longer it is left in, the harder they are to remove. Finding old stain spots on your clothing will naturally make it look dull and worn out. Here are some of the best ways to remove stains based on your clothing material.

Bonus Tip- Carry a Tide pen in your purse while stepping out. These handy bleach pens work better when used immediately on minor stains, making them a great first aid solution.

Quality Check

While buying new clothes, opt for those stitched from quality materials as these last longer compared to thin, flimsy garments. Most often, clothing comes with washing instructions on the label. Reading this can helps you identify what clothes need to be hand washed or dry cleaned.

Less is More

Less is more. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

As the saying goes, “If you don’t wear it next to your skin, air it after wearing it”.
Avoid washing your clothes after wearing them once, except your undergarments of course. Unless visibly dirty or starting to smell, you can wear your clothes at least three times before they go in the wash. Clothes can shrink, fade and lose their elasticity if over washed. Instead, allow your clothes to air dry naturally. It is important to note that while air drying, keep them out of direct sunlight as constant exposure to the sun will fade the colour.

Watch the Iron

Ironing clothes. Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Proper ironing is important for your clothing to look crisp, neat and fresh. But to do so, getting the right heat settings is crucial to prevent burning your clothes. A dirty iron may also have residual rust stains that may leach onto your clothing if it isn’t regularly cleaned. Never iron dirty clothes with stains on them, as the heat will seal the stains making them permanent.


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