Stitch These 6 Spectacular Lehenga Skirt Designs Under Rs 3000!

Lehenga Skirts under 3000

When it’s wedding season, you’re either the blushing bride, the bridesmaid or one of the merry well-wishers. And when there’s an occasion around the corner, you know what that means! Wardrobe shopping for a wedding may sound fun but when retail stores don’t have the designs you’re in search of, it can get tedious. If only you could snap your fingers and have it magically appear! At Binks, we offer you the wardrobe option that stores don’t – lehenga skirt designs, tailored to your perfection.

Disclaimer: All prices may vary according to fabric and embroidery requirements.

Upcycled lehenga skirt designs

Upcycled Lehenga stitched by Binks
Upcycled Lehenga stitched by Binks

We all have that one saree in storage that is too pretty to giveaway but too old to be worn. A brilliant way to salvage it is by upcycling it into a lehenga! The pretty borders and pallu will transform into an elegant yet traditional lehenga. You can also stitch a matching blouse with the extra material.

Price of Stitching: Rs. 1499

The Mermaid Lehenga Skirt Design

Mermaid-style Lehenga. Image: Pinterest
Mermaid-style Lehenga. Image: Pinterest

This fishtail lehenga or mermaid lehenga will most definitely not leave you feeling like a fish out of water at a wedding, but instead adds a contemporary look to a traditional outfit—a unique design, sure to rake in the compliments.

Price of Stitching: Rs. 2199

Panelled Lehenga Skirt Design

Panelled Lehenga stitched by Binks
Panelled Lehenga stitched by Binks

Can’t choose just one colour? You don’t have to!
When it comes to a panelled lehenga, you can have a mix of colours and designs or keep it subtle with alternating panels. A vibrant lehenga to surely match your youthful energy.

Price of Stitching: Rs. 2199

A for A-line Lehenga Skirt Design

A-Line Lehenga stitched by Binks
A-Line Lehenga stitched by Binks

An all-time classic lehenga look we rate the A-line lehenga a 10/10
This design works great on all kinds of materials and embroidery patterns. You can even choose to go light or heavy on the cancan to enhance the dramatic effect.

Price of Stitching: Rs. 1499 or Rs 1699 (with pleats).

Ruffles and Layers Lehenga Skirt Design

Ruffled Lehenga. Image: @ananyapandey (Instagram)
Ruffled Lehenga. Image: @ananyapandey (Instagram)

It’s delicate, it’s gorgeous and it feels just like a princess! The ruffled-layered lehenga is stitched with light airy materials to give it that dreamy look and can be paired with an embroidered blouse to give it a ladylike touch.

Price of Stitching: Rs. 2599

Crop it

crop top
Ruffled-layered Lehenga. Image: Pinterest

You’ve heard of crop tops, make way for the crop lehenga! These trendy lehenga skirts end just above the ankle and can be stitched in colourful embroidered prints and pleats. A fun young look to try out this wedding season!
Pro tip – if you have a neat pair of sneakers or stilettos this is the perfect lehenga to show them off in.

Price of Stitching: Rs. 1199 – Rs. 1399

Now with all these new designs to choose from, did we forget to mention Binks can stitch it for you at under Rs. 3000? Because we absolutely can! If you have the material ready to be stitched, give us a call. If you want us to help you pick the right material, give us a call. Either way, book your appointment at Binks and let’s get stitching.


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