Saree 101: 4 Different South Indian Saree Types That Should Be A Part Of Your Saree Collection

    Saree 101: 4 Different South Indian Saree Types That Should Be A Part Of Your Saree Collection

    …And can be paired beautifully with your favourite, tailor-made Binks blouse

    Looking for a gorgeous saree that looks luxe and feels light and easy to carry? Take your pick from any one of these four classic South Indian sarees that can also be converted into an easy, 1-minute saree with a little help from us at Binks.

    What is a 1-minute saree?

    A 1-minute saree is essentially a ready-to-wear saree that can be draped in under 60 seconds. You can give us your favourite saree and choose one of the two 1-minute saree options that we have available, currently, on the website.

    What are the two 1-minute saree options for me?

    Binks offers a clip-on saree service and a pre-pleated saree service.

    A closer look of the clip-on saree by Binks

    A clip-on saree replaces your regular pleat tuck using a clip-on mechanism and a pre-pleated saree will have the pleats stitched in place according to your measurements! Know more about this service here, and scroll down to see some of the most gorgeous South Indian saree options.

    4 Different Types Of South Indian Sarees That Should Be A Part Of Your Saree Collection

    1. Mysore Silk Sarees

    Mysore silk sarees are looked upon as a symbol of royalty as its beautiful thread work contains a mix of pure silver and gold zari. It is also regarded as one of the most expensive silk sarees in India.

    2. Chettinad Sarees

    These sarees, made from cotton and silk, are famous for their ornamental patterns and fine artistry. The Chettinad saree appears to be very heavy, and comes in a myriad of striking colour options. Common designs include a unique combination of bright colours, checks and flowers, and delicate borderwork

    3. Dharmavaram Sarees

    Often mistaken with Kanjeevaram, Dharmavaram sarees are made from handwoven textiles with zari and mulberry silk. This saree style is handcrafted in Andhra Pradesh.

    4. Kasavu Sarees

    Kasavu is also among Kerala's most famous and popular traditional South Indian sarees. These sarees are highly revered for their exquisite gold border-work.

    Earlier this year, Binks also launched a limited-edition run of ready-to-wear Kasavu sarees. You can head to to know more about how we can pre-drape your favourite new saree for you.

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