Everything you Need to Know About the 1-Minute Saree by Binks

Everything you Need to Know About the 1-Minute Saree by Binks

“If I had a rupee for each time I wanted to wear a saree but didn’t wear one because I “didn’t have time,” then I would be a millionaire by now!” Even today, sarees are no doubt the most elegant outfit out there. But the struggle with it is real. If only you could wear a saree in a minute without much hassle, right? What if we told you that you can do that IRL? We, at Binks, have come up with a 1-minute saree for busy women like you. Let’s find out all about it.

What is a 1-minute saree & what’s the hype all about?

Introducing to you our 1-minute saree. A saree that can literally be worn under a minute!

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how it works. We will pre-stitch the pleats of your saree or add a clip-on mechanism on the pleats so that you can tuck it in and drape it in a minute or less!

The best part? We customize the saree to exactly fit your hip and waist measurements, so it’ll fit you like a dream.


Why do you need the Bink’s 1-minute saree in your life?

We understand your love for sarees and we also know why most women do not wear sarees as often as they would like to.

Do not let your busy life come between you and your saree.

You can slip into this 1-minute saree just like you would into a pair of jeans. So you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of adjusting your pleats till the end of eternity.

It is quick, easy, and you can head out of the house in a few minutes!

We’ve got 2 types of 1-minute saree options for you


To replace your regular pleat tuck, we add an easy clip-on mechanism. All you gotta do is “clip-on” your saree just like you would a pair of pants and drape your pallu. And you are good to go!

Pre-pleated 1-minute saree


We also have a pre-pleated option for you where we will stitch the pleats on your saree based on your measurements. You can simply tuck them in and drape your pallu – all done under a minute.

What are the saree materials that can be converted?

The 1-minute saree is best suited for easy, liquid-like flowy materials such as crepe, chiffon, and georgette. It also works wonderfully on fabrics such as modal silk, silk-satin, linen, and Chanderi.

It is also possible to convert heavy sarees such as Kanjeevaram. We will check with you if they are delicate or slightly older, and let you know if they can be converted or not. However, the elastic band will add to its stiffness. So, we recommend you go with more flowy fabrics for 1-minute saree conversion.

What about maintenance?

Wondering how maintenance would work for your 1-minute? We’ve got you covered here.

You can easily get your 1-minute saree laundered by getting it dry-cleaned. You can also machine-wash it, but you’ll have to iron the pleats post-washing.

We will need your measurements

We will need 3 types of measurements for making this as it will be customized to your size. We will need your waist size, hip size, and also the height of the saree.

For all the gorgeous plus-sized women out there, we can custom-make a 1-minute saree for you as well. The yardage of the saree might be higher for you.

Send us your beautiful sarees right away and make them 1-minute-ready

There you have it! Everything you need to know about this nifty new feature by Binks.

Send us your flowy sarees right away, and we’ll convert them into beautiful 1-minute sarees for you.
We can also custom-make a 1-minute saree for you from scratch. So now you can wear your sarees in a jiffy! To get started, place an order on our website or WhatsApp us on +91 85440 70539.

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