Everything You Need to Know About Binks' Elastic Side Seam Saree Blouse

Everything You Need to Know About Binks' Elastic Side Seam Saree Blouse

At Binks, we believe in coming up with innovative solutions to women’s everyday clothing problems. Our all-women led team helps us brainstorm solutions for fashion problems that we come across in our day-to-day lives.

Readymade Blouses with Elastic Side Seams aka FlexiFit Blouses

One of the most common problems faced by women is the fluctuating changes in body weight that results in ill-fitting clothes. Which is why we came up with “Zeenat”, our signature elastic blouse for sarees that tackles exactly this problem.

Elastic Side Seam Blouse

Our recent Instagram reel on the elastic blouse for ladies went viral and we wanted to answer any questions that you may have in your mind about the same. So, let’s talk more about elastic blouses.

What is so special about an elastic saree blouse for sarees?

The Binks elastic blouse is a saree blouse with a “side of comfort,” quite literally! It comes with an elastic side seam on either side. The elastic side seams make the saree blouse super-comfy to wear all-day while you look extremely stylish.

The best part about the Binks’ elastic blouse for sarees is that it is stretchable from both sides. This means your saree blouse will fit you perfectly even when your weight fluctuates. You do not go through the whole process of adding and removing tucks from the sides to make your saree blouses fit you well.

elastic blouse for sarees

In short, the Binks’ elastic blouse for sarees are:

  • Stylish
  • Super-breathable
  • Extremely comfy
  • And expandable no matter how much weight you lose or put on.

At Binks, you get the option to add such elastic side seams to long-sleeved, short-sleeved, as well as sleeveless saree blouses.


Place an order for your first elastic blouse with Binks

Zeenat, our signature elastic blouse works great as both—a saree blouse and a crop top. Unlike readymade elastic blouses that often do not fit well, we’ll custom-make the elastic blouse based on your measurements.

So, place the order for your first-ever elastic blouse with Binks and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it! Head over to our website, DM us on Insta, or WhatsApp us on +91 85440 70539 to place an order today.

FAQs on the Binks’ elastic blouse

1. What is an elastic blouse?

The Binks’ elastic blouse is a saree blouse with elastic side seams on either side. The elastic side seams are added to make the blouse breathable, comfy, and well-fit.

2. How much does an elastic blouse cost?

The price for an elastic blouse is ₹1799 for fabric and stitching. You can get pads at an extra ₹150.

3. Where can I buy an elastic blouse?

Readymade elastic blouses often do not fit well, so you must consider getting your elastic blouses custom-stitched at Binks. For placing an order, head over to the Binks website or DM us on Instagram.

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