Binks Lookbook- 9 Impressive Saree Blouse Alternatives

Binks Lookbook- 9 Impressive Saree Blouse Alternatives

When you think wine, you also think cheese. When you think burgers, you also think fries. And when you think sarees, you also think of blouses. Popular and timeless pairings have become a staple for a reason because you can never go wrong with them. As children we were told to colour within the lines, as adults, we’re told to think outside the box. As with sarees, wearing a blouse isn’t your only option. Well, at least it doesn’t have to be. At Binks, we love colouring outside the lines and playing with various styles. For all the times you feel like experimenting outside the box with your sarees, we have our tried and tested go-to list of 9 different saree blouse alternatives that will suit anybody and everybody!

1. Well Fitted Crisp Shirt

Well Fitted Crisp ShirtFitted Crisp Shirt

Image Source: Pinterest

The secret to pulling off this look is having a well-fitted tailor-made shirt. It’s often hard to find a crisp white shirt off the rack. Don’t fret, when you think tailor we say, Binks.

2. The Off-Shoulder Top

 crisp white shirt
Image Source: Pinterest

Showing off your décolletage with a statement neckpiece or chunky earrings work great when pairing a saree with an off-shoulder top.

3. The Superwoman Blouse

Superwoman BlouseBlouse
Image Source: Pinterest

Who said only superheroes wear capes? A cape style blouse or a jacket blouse adds layers and therefore seamlessly blends an edgy look to a classic saree.

4. The Versatile Crop

Versatile Crop
Image Source: Pinterest

Your favourite crop top that you normally wear over jeans can even be worn as a saree blouse replacement, who would have guessed?

5 .Turtle Neck Top

Turtle Neck Top
Image Source: Pinterest

High neck, full-sleeved top worn with a saree oozes with the retro vibe. Pair it with dark glasses for the Bollywood effect.

6. The Ruffle Blouse

blouseRuffle Blouse
Image Source: Pinterest

Go big and glamorous with ruffles and frills. This design adds depth and texture to the outfit.

7. Crochet Blouse

Crochet Blouse
Image Source: Pinterest

Paired with a lightweight saree, this look is great for the summer or even to the beach!

8. Repurposed Peplum Top

Repurposed Peplum Top
Image Source: Pinterest

Another fabulous idea is to repurpose a regular peplum top as a saree blouse alternate. Add some embellishments on the top to match the saree of your choice.

9. Deep Dive Blouse

 saree blouse regular peplum top
Image Source: Pinterest

A plunging neckline with intricate embroidery makes a stunning alternative for a regular saree blouse

We agree this lookbook has inspired us to be a little more adventurous while experimenting with saree blouse alternates. However, there are moments when we find ourselves stuck at the roadblock of not finding the exact match for the design we have in mind. These aches and pains of finding the correct sizing, fitting, embroidery and design, to align perfectly with your outfit vision board can now be a thing of the past. Binks provides the solution to all these hurdles. From doorstep delivery to material sourcing to outfit designing we cover it all. We even come with an express delivery service that drops off your designs within just 3-5 days!

Head on over to our website or slide into our DMs or text us to know how Binks can build your blouse.

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