Binks' Last Minute Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Diwali Look

Binks' Last Minute Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Diwali Look

This Diwali, like every Diwali (2020 doesn't count), we are excited to see all the ethnic wear. We are also excited to share with you some last-minute tips and tricks that anyone wearing ethnic wear will definitely appreciate. Here are Binks' 8 essential Diwali hacks:

Belts are your BFF

If you have the perfect ethnic outfit lined up for your Diwali festivities and also all the Diyas to light up your house, a belt might be your best friend. Apart from Shahrukh Khan's hands, dupattas and pallus also love flying towards diyas- keep them in place with a belt that will also cinch your waist!

Drape your saree dhoti style

Creative saree drapes are all the rage this season and we are obsessed (as you can tell from this blog post). If your Diwali plans require mobility or you just want to add some extra drama to your saree, now is the perfect time to experiment with a dhoti drape. Not only will it be a style statement, but it will also keep all the saree fabric secured in place and ensure you are a pataka, but not a fire hazard. (sorry, not sorry)

Safety but make it fashion

While we are on the topic of safety hacks that double as fashion, pick a hairstyle that can easily be converted into a chic bun or top knot to keep your tresses away from fire as you take the mandatory Diwali diya picture.

Grab all the safety pins

All safety pins that you have bought in your lifetime probably picked today to take a vacation. Grab some safety pins when you are out and about today (or any day). Pin a few on the inside of your outfit in case your saree or dupatta requires extra fastening through the evening. This is not just a Diwali tip, it is a Binks certified life hack.

Wear some sneakers

Sneakers with ethnic wear? Très chic. This welcome (and comfy) trend doubles as yet another safety hack. They will keep your feet away from poorly discarded sparklers and be dance-happy throughout the evening!

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