Best Saree Shops In Chickpet Bangalore: The Only Guide You Need

    best saree shops in chickpet

    Shopping for new saree this festive season? Keep this guide handy!

    Amidst the busy lanes of Chickpet lie several hidden gems in the form of saree shops. And of course our team at Binks always lights up at the word “saree”, so we can't resist sharing these hidden gems of Chickpet with you! But before we set off on this journey, make sure you are wearing your finest pair of walking shoes and carrying an umbrella.

    The saree stores located at Chickpet offer a wide variety of sarees to choose from. One can even say the stores have something literally for everybody as their price ranges from as low as ₹250. Should you be looking to place a bulk order of sarees, then you’re at the right place. Should you be looking to purchase some of the finest silk sarees in the market -- again -- you’re at the right place!

    One of the easiest things about going saree shopping in Chickpet is that all the saree stores are located on the same market road so it’s hard to miss it. Even the off-roads and gullies have tiny saree shops, dresses and saree blouse material. So saree shopping at Chickpet is loaded with a full day of fun.

    Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on what to expect while saree shopping at Chickpet, below is a list of 10 saree shops in Chickpet that offer the most authentic sarees in town.

    10 Best Saree Shops In Chickpet Bangalore That You Must Visit

    1. Maruthi Silks

    Maruthi Silks
    Image source: Binks

    2. Shree Meenakshi Silks

    Shree Meenakshi Silks
    Image source: Binks

    3. Lakshmi’s Sambhrama Silk

    Lakshmi’s Sambhrama Silk
    Image source: Binks

    4. Maharani Silk Palace

    Maharani Silk Palace
    Image source: Binks

    5. Srivaaru Silks

    Srivaaru Silks
    Image source: Binks

    6. Kuberan

    Image source: Binks

    7. Sudarshan Silks

    Sudarshan Silks
    Image source: Binks

    8. B.Byrappa & Sons

    B.Byrappa & Sons
    Image source: Binks

    9. Mahalaxmi Silks

    Mahalaxmi Silks
    Image source: Binks

    Now that we've browsed through some of Chickpet's best saree shops, here's a pro tip for you: Chickpet is extra crowded during the weekends, so if you’re looking to avoid the crowds then head over there during the weekdays. And once you've picked out a saree, head to to schedule your at-home design consult with us (only in select pin codes in Bangalore) to make the blouse of your dreams.


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