6 Unique Ways To Drape Your Saree

6 Unique Ways To Drape Your Saree

We know that the saree is a versatile garment that works wonders for any occasion. You can pair it with any blouse and chances are that it’s going to look fabulous. It’s also a breeze to accessorise. Not enough is said about the myriad of ways in which the saree can be draped!


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If you love wearing a saree, we’ve put together 6 unique and refreshing ways to drape it.

Neck Drape Style

It’s the easiest and quickest way to give your saree a fresh twist. Just drape the pallu around your neck like a scarf or stole and voila! Keep the pallu slightly longer to achieve this look. Pair up with a blouse that has a heavy sleeve or front and some statement earrings for a sophisticated look. If you’re looking to wear a saree for an important meeting, this look checks all the boxes.

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Front Pallu Drape

This might sound like a basic draping style, but it can look super stylish. It’s a variation of the traditional pleated pallu style. Instead of pleating the saree on the shoulder, you have to just throw it from the back to the front. You can opt to pleat the front pallu or do a pleated front pallu, without spreading it. Here’s a tutorial we found easy to follow.

This simple yet sophisticated style will have friends asking you for draping tips.


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Infinity Drape

This is a fun variation of the classic saree drape. This drape looks complicated but is quite simple to do. The reason it is called an Infinity drape is that you can’t figure out where the saree begins and ends, quite cool right? For this drape, wrap your saree in an anti-clock direction. Pleat the pallu and throw on your right shoulder from the back. Start making pleats but keep the last few a little loose in order to get that cowl near the waist. Then take the tip of your pallu and wrap it around the waist and tuck it from the back. (Trust us — this is easier than it sounds). Here’s a quick tutorial to help you get started.

The pleated pallu looks all kinds of chic and is our perfect pick for a formal event or a cocktail party. Choose lightweight sarees for this drape so you get that swirl in the saree!

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Belt Drape Style

This is probably the most low-effort way to up your saree draping game: simply wrap a belt around the waist. You can take a classic tan/brown leather belt or a statement piece depending on the color and style of your saree. If you want to go a more unconventional look, swap out your heels with a classic pair of boots or sneakers. We love how this style of draping can transform a simple saree into an ultra-modern one.

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Saree with Pants Drape

This one is perfect for saree newbies! Instead of a petticoat, wear a pair of pants or jeans and then drape your saree in the classic way. It’s chic, comfortable, and functional. You can choose different styles of pants for this saree draping style – from cigarette pants and palazzos to skinny jeans and sharara pants.

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Butterfly Style Drape

This is the traditional saree drape with a tweak in the way it is pleated. In this drape, pre-pleat the pallu in extra thin and pin it together neatly on the shoulder.

This drape gives you an illusion of a longer torso and accentuates your waistline.

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