6 #ProTips to get that perfectly fitting saree blouse

6 #ProTips to get that perfectly fitting saree blouse

The secret to make any saree or lehenga look good? A well-fitting blouse. You may be wearing the most gorgeous saree, but an ill-fitting blouse could ruin the entire outfit. The trouble is, getting a ladies blouse stitched from the local masterji can be a lot of hassle. Multiple iterations later, you could end up with something disappointing.

Perfectly Fitting Saree Blouses with FlexiFit Sides and Sleeves

The secret to the perfect saree blouse is much more than just measurements.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while getting yourself a designer blouse stitched.

1. Choose the perfect fabric

The fit of your blouse depends a lot on the fabric you choose. If you’re not going to use the blouse fabric that came with the saree, you have a decision to make.

The first consideration is the material. Fabrics that are stiff tend to add volume and are not ideal for a close fit. However, you could make them work as a crop top or shirt-blouse.

For a subtle, yet elegant, look and a great fit, cotton, mixed cottons, and silk work beautifully. Looking to wear the saree to a party? Go for lace, net or georgette. These work especially well on sleeves or the back. All of these are most comfortable and last long when there’s lining underneath (which, at Binks, we’ll get for you, wash, and iron, before stitching in!)

Lastly, consider the weather. You don’t want to be caught wearing velvet in sweltering summers, do you?

2. Wear the right bra

Now this is important at two times. First, when you are giving us your blouse measurements. Measure yourself while wearing a well-fitting bra (no sports bras or loose t-shirt bras please! These mess up your blouse measurements) because that’s the only way to get the fit right. Second, when eventually wearing your designer blouse, match it with the right bra. For example, if you are wearing an embroidered crop top style blouse that’s the highlight of your outfit, a push-up bra could give you a great silhouette.

3. Consider your body type

Remember: you look your best when you’re comfortable and confident in your own skin. So, when you’re deciding on the design and cut, go for elements that highlight your best assets.

Mandarin collars make your frame look slimmer. Puffed sleeves and partial puffs add structure to a petite frame. Long sleeves, elbow-length or three-fourths, look great with a wide or deep neck and make your arms look toned. A boat neck and short sleeves look great on slim, broad figures. Square and sweetheart necklines are flattering if you are busty.

saree blouse
A saree blouse style guide

If in doubt, talk to your designer and ask for advice. That’s what we’re here for!

4. Add bra fasteners

Your bra peeking out from under the blouse is no biggie – unless it makes you self-conscious.

However, it’s also a sign that the bra strap is too loose! To be bindaas all day, add bra fasteners to your blouse. These are two narrow straps of fabric attached to the underside of the shoulder strap to keep your bra from sliding.

Fun fact: At Binks, we add bra fasteners to all blouses. It’s one of the many thoughtful little things our all-women team does for you.

5. Keep that extra margin

Sarees are timeless additions to your wardrobe. To see you through the years, make sure you buy a length of fabric, allowing for extra seam allowances inside for any pesky alterations that may come up in future.

6. Check the armholes

One of the most common problems with designer blouses is the armhole fit. If it’s too tight you won’t be able to lift your arms and if it’s too loose, it can ruin your entire look. So how do you get this right? The final fit depends a lot on the accuracy of the measurements you provide.

When you’re measuring yourself, make sure the tape around your arm is snug but not tight. If you are providing a sample blouse instead of measurements, wear it again (don’t trust your memory) and check the sleeves from front and behind. Are there ugly folds? Can you move your arms easily? Nothing’s cutting into your bicep or arm? Reminder: wear the right bra!

Whether you want something for the next office party or your best friend’s wedding, our all-women team of designers will make sure you look your best. A dedicated designer will help you figure what neckline, sleeves or material would work best for you. We also pay special attention to common problem areas, often anticipating them before you do.

Ready to get your perfectly fitted saree blouse designed? Drop us a line on WhatsApp and we will take care of everything.

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