5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

What is Galentine’s Day you ask? Oh, it’s only the best day ever!
Storytime! It all started one day on February 13th when Leslie Knope and her lady friends left their partners behind to celebrate each other with gifts and goodies along with the best kind of food ever. All-day breakfast, of course!

Are you even a Parks & Recreation fan if you don’t know who Leslie Knope is?!

 Parks & Recreation

It’s all about us ladies celebrating our fellow ladies. After all, our best gals are the one’s who truly have our back, support and cheer us on.

At Binks, we take this holiday quite seriously and you, our dear readers are encouraged to join us in doing so.

Here are 5 Binks-approved ways to celebrate this Galentine’s Day:

1. Netflix party and chill

Netflix party and chill
This one is to spend the day together but apart. Whether you are separated by a couple of miles or multiple mountains, watching your favourite shows together can get the dopamine flowing and create a warm and cosy vibe. Pick your favourite show, movie or even that popular K-drama you’ve been meaning to watch and enable the synced video viewing on Netflix. This way, you and your Galentine won’t feel so far away.

2. Take your date international, the virtual way of course

Smithsonian National Museum
Of all the date choices, museums and art galleries have always seemed like the most sophisticated option. And even though some world-famous museums are miles away from us, soaking up the culture of their finely curated collections has never been easier. Surprise your Galentine with your very own private virtual tour of the Louvre or a guided walkthrough of the Smithsonian National Museum!

3. Pizza, pasta and vino night

Pizza, pasta and vino night

Celebration and festivities revolve around good food and fun. This Galentine’s day bring your girl pals together with some fine wine, great pizza’s & pasta and hour-long gossip sessions. You could even switch things up by staying indoors to throw a PJ party while cracking open bottles of vino and showing off your cooking skills. Even Gordon Ramsay would have a hard time turning this down!

4. Galentines the OG way

Galentines the OG way

Meeting your girls IRL? Any Parks & Recreation fan will tell you, Galentine’s day is all about getting dolled up to celebrate you and your girls while indulging in an all-day breakfast. Sounds like the perfect plan, doesn’t it? Grab your squad and head out for an elaborate buffet filled with pancakes and waffles with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

5. Break a sweat

Break a sweat

Getting a good workout is a fail-safe way to pump up the energy. Go the online route and get a jump in on a high-intensity workout. Pick from an assorted collection of workout videos available online and you and your partner can break a sweat one way or the other.
You can even give your vocal cords some exercise by hosting a karaoke themed party. This way your living room can be the new Coachella!

Now that you have the insider info on everything Galentine’s Day related, the only thing left to do is assemble the squad. We understand if your party is exclusive, so we cheer you on to hare and tag us on everything Galentine’s with #GalentinesWithBinks.

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