11 Pretty Embroidery Blouse Design Ideas To Try In 2024

Saree blouse designs

Have a string of weddings to attend in 2024? Here’s some absolutely striking embroidery blouse inspiration for you!

If you are a bride-to-be or have a string of weddings to attend this year — selecting an embroidery blouse design from Pinterest can be a daunting task! There’s always too much at stake, and a barrage of confusing options that don’t really sit well with the type of saree you want to wear, or that dream design you had in mind while starting out your ‘best embroidery blouse design’ search.

So to make life easier for you, we have put together 11 unique blouse designs that are not only stellar but some of which are also available to buy on Binks ! Head here to place an order, but before you do, browse through, and take your pick.

11 Embroidery Blouse Design Ideas For 2023

Contrast Embroidery Blouse Design

Contrast embroidery is in vogue this season, and we cannot think of a better design than this one to fit the bill. The maroon-beige combination works together to create a statement design. You can also opt for neon hues or go classic with a contrasting yet monochromic colour palette of blue and white or black and white or our personal favourite: red and gold!

Contrast embroidery blouse stitched by Binks

Loophole Design Embroidery

When embroidery met style, a beautiful loophole design was born! Like the one you’ll see below. The details along the back filled with zardosi and beads weave a magical story that you’ll cherish for decades.

Red zardosi blouse stitched by Binks

Aari Embroidery Blouse Design

Have a heavy zari blouse? Add character with this intricate aari embroidery along the sleeve completed with beads and stones. Add latkhans for extra glam!


Zohra x Luxe | Crimson Red Saree Blouse w/ FlexiFit™ Side Seam_1


Bead Embroidery

This checkered design with pearl embroidery is our pick for a bride looking for minimalism with a touch of old-world charm. Add a hint of glimmer while still remaining understated.

Understated Embroidery Blouse Design

If you are looking for a no-fuss glam look, this understated embroidery is our top pick. The dangling beads work along the sleeve is for those who like to express their style in few words.

Shaheen x Tyohaar | Charcoal Black Elbow Sleeves FlexiFit™ Saree Blouse with Zero Neck with Back Cut-Out and Gota Embellishment_1

Red blouse with tassel sleeves stitched by Binks

Kashmiri Embroidery

Zardosi, beads, gold-thread embroidery – this design is a testament to our artisans skills and patience. Perfect for varmala function, the design works for blouses with long sleeves.

Floral Embroidery

If you are looking for an embroidery design that takes inspiration from mother nature, this one is perfect! The floral bhuttis along the neck and sleeve is a crowd-favourite.

Zardosi Embroidery

Mandalas are not just stress-buster; they make for great blouse designs too. This all-gold design includes intricate bead work with zardosi. Brides can choose to keep it simple, or make it grand – Binks can cater to every need!

Embossed Embroidery

This ‘annapakshi’ inspired blouse is what dreams are made of! Regal and rich, this design can be customised to suit the sleeve length and mixed with different colours for a more vibrant look.

Machine Embroidery

We would pick this machine embroidered blouse for haldi or mehendi function as it fun, elegant, and vibrant. The accompanying gold stones add just enough glimmer to the craftsmanship.

Neon pink blouse stitched by Binks

Kundan Embroidery

Royal blue blouse with border zardosi-mirror work won our hearts. This blouse design works perfectly for a bride who is looking for heavy work that does not take away from the vibrance of the blouse colour or the jewellery.


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