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Hello there!

We are a small team of techies & designers on a mission to modernize the custom-made tailoring experience for women.

We help busy urban women get the perfect fit at the comfort of their homes. We do this by providing fabric pickup, consultations with our designers, doorstep delivery, and convenient alterations. 

Our mantra

Getting clothes stitched should be a joyful, creative pursuit - not an ordeal.

Why we do what we do

Our country has a thriving ecosystem of affordable tailoring services - but the experience hasn’t caught up with the times. For most women, the process of getting clothes stitched is ridden with hassles. It’s notoriously difficult to find a good tailor and ill-fitting clothes are all too common.

Tailoring services are ripe for an upgrade. With Binks, we want to enable Indian women to have easy access to beautiful, custom-stitched outfits they feel good in - all of it while leaving our environment better than we found it.

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