Unpocket for men? We're only kidding.

It's about damn time women go from...

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What do you mean, 'add pockets'?

Just that, quite literally.

We'll alter your readymade clothes to add in-seam pockets on whichever side you prefer (left or right). We'll find the matching pocket fabric, cut it up into a spacious pocket you can stick your entire hand into & sew it in neatly.

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How It Works

Here's how we make your clothes aatma-nirbhar


Schedule a pickup

Identify the clothes you wish to add pockets to. Place an order & schedule a contactless pickup on a convenient date.

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We add 'em pockets

We'll find fabric, cut it up into a roomy, functional pocket and sew it in neatly.

There are a few types of clothing to which we cannot add pockets, read on to learn more.

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Pocket-full clothes, delivered

We'll deliver your upgraded outfit in 3-7 days.

No more asking your male companions to carry your phone or living with a fear of losing your valuables :)

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Add Them Pockets

To almost any type of clothing

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We can add pockets to anything with a clear side seam, which is most type of clothing. Some things we can't add pockets to

  1. Umbrella cut skirts or horizontally panelled kurtas/dresses as they have no side seams

  2. Tight-fitted clothing

  3. Translucent clothing

Not sure if pockets can be added? Whatsapp us a photo.


Everything you need to know about pockets

Can I add pockets to any type of clothing?

How much does it cost to add pockets? What all is included in the cost?

Do you do other alterations as well? Can you alter my clothes along with adding pockets?

What if I want a pocket both on the left & right?

Do you also do embroidery along with stitching?

What type of fabric will be used for the pocket?

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