Work part-time or full-time in Bangalore

Start your own home boutique

Do what you love from the comfort of your home and earn upto Rs. 50,000 every month. 100% tailoring support. Zero investment required.

Get started instantly, no need to setup tailoring workshop or physical store

Why start a Binks boutique?

100% Support

All you need to do is take customer measurements & capture orders. Binks takes care of the tailoring work and also provides a design catalog

Work from home

Running a Binks boutique doesn't require setting up a physical shop or any investment. You can work from home at your convenience & get started instantly

Be indepdendent

You can earn upto Rs. 50,000 per month by doing what you love & enjoy. Binks will pay you for every order you get from your local community & friends

How it works


As a Binks boutique owner, you will be trained in how to take measurements & place orders on our app. We'll also provide a design catalog so no prior fashion experience is required. We take care of the production & delivery as well


Binks will assist you in spreading the word in your local community or apartment complex about your boutique. You can also refer your friends who want to start their own boutiques.


Get paid for every order you get & work at your convenience, part-time or full-time. Earn your way to independence by doing what you love without the overhead cost & effort of running a boutique shop

Start your own boutique today. Apply now!


What is Binks?

Binks is a tailoring platform that enables women to start their own boutiques while helping end consumers to get perfectly fitting tailor-made clothing without the stress of dealing with local tailors.

How do I sign up as a Binks boutique owner?

Fill up the form at the bottom of this page & we'll get in touch with you to sign you up.

Do I need to make any monetary investment to start a Binks boutique?

No. Absolutely no monetary investment is required from a Binks boutique owner.

Do I need a physical store? Or a tailoring unit?

No. You do not need a physical store or space to start working with Binks. You can run your boutique out of your home. We work with partner tailoring workshops to manufacture all orders so you needn't worry about finding or hiring tailors at all.

How do I earn money with Binks? How much can I make?

You will get paid for every order you get along with sales incentives. You can expect to earn a minimum of Rs. 5,000/month to upto Rs. 50,000/month.

How much time is required every month to run a Binks boutique?

When you run a Binks boutique, you will spend time on two things primarily - taking customer measurements & recording design specifications. We estimate upto 15 hours of part-time work & 40 hours of full-time work per month.

How do I get paid?

Your payout for any given month will be made by the 5th of the following month by your preferred mode of payment.

How do I take measurements?

Binks will train you on how to take customer measurements & recommend styles to customers when you're first on-boarded as a boutique owner.

What kind of tailoring orders does Binks support?

Currently Binks supports the following stitching services

  • Salwar Kameez
  • Saree Blouse
  • Saree Fall & Pico
  • Saree Upcycling (Turn old sarees into other outfits)
  • Casual Dresses
  • Casual Tops/Kurtis

What are the Binks charges for customers?

The Binks rate card will be shared with you when you sign up as a Binks boutique owner.

Who does Binks deliver the tailored orders to?

The tailored products will be delivered directly to the customer's home address so a Binks boutique owner doesn't have to worry about delivery.

How do end customers make payments?

All customer payments, discounts & refunds will be managed by Binks.

What happens if the customers require alterations?

Alterations will be taken care by local Binks-affiliated tailors.