Why customers are loving online tailoring at Binks

Why customers are loving online tailoring at Binks

“I wish I had discovered Binks earlier.”

“Infinitely better than the tailors in my region.”


“Best customer service I have ever received.”

This is the kind of love we get from our lovely Binks community. And we’re honored, to say the least. Customers have been loving online tailoring with Binks, and you’ll know that through the kind of online reviews we receive.

Binks community

We’ve all been visiting the local tailors in our area and getting our clothes stitched from them for years.

Hence, you may feel skeptical about switching to an online tailoring service. We get that! This is why, in this post, we’ll list down a few reasons why our customers love Binks.

1. Convenience all the way

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all switch to online services. So, why not try out an online tailoring service as well?

At Binks, we take a convenience-first approach by offering:

  • Doorstep pickup and delivery across India
  • Virtual design consultation
  • Fabric sourcing
  • No-questions asked alterations

So, you can save multiple trips outside for sourcing fabrics, explaining the design to your local tailor, negotiating pricing, alterations, etc.

local tailor

Here’s what our customers have to say about convenience:

“During Covid times, Binks did a great job in getting my saree blouse ready for a small home function. They picked the material at my home, allowed me to discuss design and customisation at the comfort of my home, and delivered best quality product right at my door step.”

- Nithila Suresh

2. Great fit

Don’t you just hate it when you feel out of shape with your clothes even after multiple visits to your local tailor shop? And then you probably just give up after a certain point! Well, you do not have to face this with Binks.

At Binks, we make it a priority to ensure that your outfits fit you well so that you feel the most confident and comfortable in them.

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Here’s how we ensure a great fit for our lovely customers:

  • First, we offer doorstep pickup for your sample garments.
  • In case that’s not an option, we’ll send you our DIY measurement kit with which you can send in your accurate measurements.
  • Every piece we craft has ample seam allowance to enable alterations in the future.
  • We also offer free-of-cost alterations for your outfits—no questions asked!
Binks review

Here’s what customers have to say:

“Despite no personal visits, the fit was amazing, and whatever minor changes/alterations were required after the initial production were done for free without any resistance.”

- Kanika Kalra

3. Virtual design consultation with experts

For each time you choose to get your outfits tailored with Binks, we’ll assign you your very own personal design consultant—yes, you heard that right!

Our team of qualified, talented designers will hop on virtual consultation calls to understand your requirements and offer personalized suggestions for what you have in your mind. Our promise—no judgments!

personalized dress

Here’s what Binks’ customers have to say about our design consultation process:

"Discussion over designs happened over whatsapp; someone drew out the proposed design in the colours to be able to visualize it better! (I started out with a blouse, which is quite hard to get right but I was pleased with the final product)”

- Meenakshi Subramanian

4. Reasonable pricing

At the end of the day, pricing does matter. And we, at Binks, bring top-notch online tailoring services to you at reasonable prices that include added perks such as doorstep pickup/delivery, design consultations, DIY measurement kit, alterations—everything at no extra cost to you.

You can check out our standard pricing to learn more.

online dress

Here’s what customers have to say about Binks’ pricing:

“This particular dress EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS!!! It’s stitched absolutely beautiful, looked fabulous when I tried it on and almost for 50% lesser stitching charges compared to other boutiques.”

- Arati Nanneboina

5. Proactive customer support

Honestly, there is no concept of customer support when you opt to get your outfits stitched from your local masterji. At Binks, we value your time and money and hence prioritize offering proactive support for you to have a smooth tailoring experience.

Traditional Dress

Want proof of Binks’ great customer support?

“Right from the day one when I got in touch with them till the end, every interaction that I’ve had with them was so customer friendly and professional Pooja was just a ping away whenever I had questions.”

- Sreevidya Owk

“From the booking till delivery I had complete support over call and whatsapp.”

- Vidya Nair

6. On-time delivery

We make it a point to deliver your stunning outfits in 5 to 15 working days, depending on the timeline you select. If you have any special requests, we’ll take care of that too!

western dress

Here’s what Binks fam has to say on this:

“Everything was handled exceptionally and was delivered before time :).”

- Usha Rani

“The blouses were stitched beautifully and exactly the way i wanted. They were ready on time and delivered to my place without any hassle... will definitely recommend to my family n friends.”

- Smita Kinnal

7. Thoughtful and innovative designs

binks review

Aren’t we all tired of outfits that look good but lack basic comfort and utility? At Binks, we keep coming up with innovative designs that make a big difference:

  • Binks’ signature 1-minute saree: Yes, a saree that can be worn in under a minute!
  • Roomy pockets: Why should men have all the pockets? We design pockets that actually hold stuff.
  • Pre-washed lining: To avoid the bad fit due to the shrinking of the lining after the first wash, we wash it before stitching it.
  • Quirky specifications: A dress with detachable sleeves or a blouse with two avatars - high-necked and low-necked? Just let us know, and we’ll get it done!
pattu pavadais

Our customers love these thoughtful designs:

“I decided to stitch my saree with "Binks" designers for 1 minute clip-on pre-pleated saree was too good, fitting is perfect.”

- Shilpa Kumari K. S

“My outfit has generous margins that allow for future alterations, and capacious pockets too!”

- Kanika Kalra

Place your first order with Binks

So, there you have it—all the reasons why customers love Binks and the reason why we’ve been able to grow the Binks sisterhood.

So, we welcome you to join the lovely Binks sisterhood! To get started, place an order on our website or WhatsApp us on +91 85440 70539.

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