Meet The Rocket Girls - Our Favourite Looks From Rocket Boys

Meet The Rocket Girls - Our Favourite Looks From Rocket Boys

Science, history and India’s success are the central themes of this triumphant tale titled Rocket Boys. But what is a wholesome story without some good old-fashioned love, right?
And what do we love? Oh, just about all the gorgeous sarees and outfits worn by the leading ladies Saba Azad and Regina Cassandra.

Take a look at some of our top 6 picks from the series:

1. The South-Indian Stunner:

 South-Indian Stunner South-Indian Stunner

(Yes, we’re talking about both the actress and the saree.)
The popular Kanchipuram silk sari, made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, is usually worn during special occasions. Woven from pure mulberry silk thread, these sarees are distinguished by their wide contrasting borders inspired by South Indian temples or natural features like leaves, birds and animals.

2. The Vintage Suit:

Vintage SuitVintage Suit

These classic suits were quite the rage back in the ’50s and ’60s. And just like history, fashion too tends to repeat itself. Making a comeback over the past year, pantsuits have been growing in popularity. The essence of this classic outfit is to have it tailored to perfection. Often readymade garments do not sit perfectly on all body types and alterations are necessary to get the fit just right. Yes, we understand the hassle of altering garments just as much as the next person. That’s how Binks was born, the solution to all things tailor-made.

3. The Easy-Breezy Saree:

Easy-Breezy SareeEasy-Breezy Saree

A perfect blend of grand and simple, this solid-coloured chiffon saree over a patterned blouse looks lovely on every body type. Whether you are a saree novice or expert — both sides of the spectrum will find it effortless to pull off this look.

4. Dressed to impress saree:

Dressed to impress saree

Got a wedding to attend and want to glam up but don’t want to outshine the bride? This one is for you. Pastel colours with self prints and embellishments are the answer. It is quite the head-turner with the chic and timeless look, that’s not too elaborate.

5. Kerala’s Kasavu Saree:

Kerala’s Kasavu SareeKerala’s Kasavu Saree

What’s more traditional than a blushing bride on her wedding day? A bride dressed up in centuries-old traditional design. Popular in Kerala, the iconic white and gold saree needs no introduction. It instantly instills a sense of tradition as soon as you drape it.

6. Not-So-Basic Blouse:

We believe every woman must own that statement white shirt in her wardrobe. The secret to a well-fitted shirt lies with the tailor who makes the finishing touches. This crisp white shirt can be paired with almost any look depending on the wearer. (Want to see how you can style it with a saree? Sneak peek here.)

Now that you’ve had your daily dose of outfit inspiration, sit back relax and mentally design your next outfit. Need some help to bring it to life? Binks is here to nurture your inner fashion designer.

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