Looking for the perfect tailor? Here are some things to consider.

Looking for the perfect tailor? Here are some things to consider.

If you’ve landed here because a few tailors in your neighborhood always manage to botch up your fabric and designs — hello there! At a time like this (read: the pandemic), it’s easier to find your Knight in Shining Armor than a tailor. Somone who truly understands your sense of style and follows it to the T. So, what should you look for in your tailor? Keep reading to know the factors you should consider before you zone in on one!

Look for Google reviews

In today’s day and age, with social media and technology being super accessible, you can find most tailors upon a quick Google search. Their Google pages usually come with pictures, ratings and reviews of their customers’ experiences — and that should give you an idea of whether or not this tailor might work for you.

Ask the right questions

We have all seen our fair share of local tailors who crinkle up their noses if you ask them to get your outfit ready within a certain timeline. Some even misplace your fabric, delay the process and charge you an excessive amount for something you aren’t too happy with. How do you imagine keeping up a long term relationship with them in such a situation? Spoiler alert: you don’t! Your tailor should be understanding towards your need. They should blend their ideas with your sense of style to ensure the result is nothing short of beautiful.

Before placing your order with the tailor, ask them for a realistic timeline to deliver your outfit. Gauge how open they are to your outfit ideas, and whether they are happy to deliver the vision you have in mind for your dress!

What if your entire tailoring process was online?

Now say you’re a resident of Bangalore city, and you’re on a hunt to find exclusive ladies tailor in the city to stitch a blouse for you. Would you believe us if we told you that you don’t have to step out of your home, and simply place your tailoring order online?

Picture this. You give your measurements via WhatsApp, your fabric is picked up from home, and you tell your tailor everything you’re looking for in your blouse over a quick phone call. Cut to ten days later — your perfectly stitched blouse is home delivered. Sounds almost magical? Well, this is for real!

Enter Binks

Enter Binks
Binks in Bengaluru is on a mission to add a modern spin to custom-made tailoring for women. Right from sourcing your outfit’s fabric to adding thoughtful details — we’re talking pockets, seam allowance — Binks takes care of it all while you remain in the safe confines of your home!

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few things Binks in Bengaluru stands by:

  1. At Binks, we understand your design requirement and deliver the style you fancy. We recommend what suits your body type the best, but never do we pass a judgment on the design style you want, nor do we body-shame you (if you’ve been through this at the tailor’s too, we can relate). Our entire customer experience team is women-only, so consider your experience with us to be empathetic and ever-so-relatable.
  2. We co-create the outfit with you, fusing your vision for the outfit with our ideas. This makes it a collaborative, fun process!
  3. We know that regular tailoring experiences can go the ‘overpromise and underdeliver’ way. So we make it a point to keep you informed of our outfit delivery timeline. To make matters convenient, you’ll receive timely updates from us on Whatsapp. Should there be a delay in your outfit’s delivery, we make sure to keep you posted well in advance.
  4. Once your outfit is stitched, we have a 2-step quality check to ensure your outfit matches the measurements you sent us. This ensures you get a flawless fit. If you still notice issues with your fit, we take up alterations free of charge, with no questions asked!
  5. We’re always thinking of thoughtful details to add to your outfit — like factoring in a seam allowance. This way, the outfit can see you through thick and thin! Better yet, we add pockets to your dress whenever we can. If you ask, we can use your extra fabric to make you a mask too!
Enter Binks online
We love adding large, roomy pockets to your outfits!

Binks ticks all the boxes you would want in a great tailor in Bangalore. Our experience is entirely at-home. This means you won’t have to take the trouble of locating a tailor near you. You don’t need to make trips to their shop, especially in times like these.

To place your tailoring order, visit www.getbinks.com or WhatsApp us on +91 85440 70539.

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