How to Measure Blouse Size - A Complete Guide

How to Measure Blouse Size - A Complete Guide

Hey there! Ever wondered why some blouses seem to fit perfectly while others don’t, even if they're the same size? Well, it's all about getting your measurements right. In this blog, I'll show you how to do just that. Plus, at the end of this blog, there’s a cool video tutorial and a handy size chart to help you out.


Custom made blouses in your measurement


Understanding Blouse Sizing

First off, let’s talk about sizing. There’s a big difference between picking a standard size off the rack and getting something tailored just for you. Getting your blouse size right means more comfort and a better look. It’s totally worth the effort! With Binks FlexiFit blouses, now you can buy the most comfortable readymade blouses online. These blouses fit like tailormade blouses. However, even then , you will need to know your right size to get the best fit possible. 


Tools Needed for Measuring

You’ll need a few things before you start:

  • A flexible tape measure (the soft kind, not the metal one from your toolbox!)
  • A notepad to jot down your measurements
  • Maybe a friend to help, because it’s easier and more fun.

Make sure you wear a good-fitting bra and stand up straight while measuring.


Step-by-Step Guide to Measuring Blouse Size

There are three main measurements that you will need to get your size right - 

  • Overbust: Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust.
    Overbust measurement

  • Underbust: Measure around your natural waistline, usually just above your belly button.
    Underbust measurement
  • Sleeve Length: If your blouse has sleeves, measure from your shoulder to where you want the sleeve to end.


How to use the size chart?

Got your measurements? Great! Now, grab that size chart. Match your measurements to find your size. If you’re in between sizes, consider whether you like a tighter or looser fit. Or even better, Binks provides "Custom Size" option which you can use to get the blouse made in your specific custom measurements.

Size Chart

Adjustments and Alterations

Sometimes, even with the best measurements, you might need a little tweak here or there:

  • Too snug around the bust? You might need to let out a seam. The best part is Binks FlexiFit blouses come with extra seam margin inside that can be easily opened to loosen up the blouse a bit.
  • Too loose? Maybe take it in a bit.

Video Tutorial on how to take blouse measurements

Here's a detailed explainer video that you can check in case you want a step by step tutorial to take your blouse measurements. 

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