How to Look Good on Zoom: A Few Nifty Tricks to Video Conference Like a Pro!

How to Look Good on Zoom: A Few Nifty Tricks to Video Conference Like a Pro!

With Covid changing the way we work and socialise alike, it seems like we're in need of some new skills, like matching your mask with your outfit and looking good during a video conference. While we can't help with the former right now, we definitely have some video conferencing tips for you!

Lighting is key

Artificial lighting is always going to be harsh and will not be flattering, especially on camera. Unless you wish to whip out a ring light for your meeting, find some natural lighting like a window to look your best. Make sure you sit facing the source of light and not with your back to it to avoid looking like a shadow. In lieu of natural light, sit facing a lamp or light without your phone or laptop casting a shadow on you.

Angle your camera right

The angle at which your camera is positioned makes a huge difference. Make sure your laptop or phone is at your eye level or a little higher, angled down ever so slightly and at least an arms-length away from you. If your camera is below your eye line and angled up, all people will see is a lot of chin and nose (like the time you were happily scrolling through Instagram and the camera rudely opened) and you don't want that.


Dress like you’re going to the office

Wearing a saree, or a pair of formal trousers and a shirt might not only help you ace that meeting, but might be the perfect pick-me-up. If you’ve been dreading working from home, then you’ll be surprised how well this tip works in turning your workday around.


Whip out the lipstick

Your video conference is the only time now for people to see you without your mask. What other excuse do you need to bring out your neglected lipsticks? They'll add some colour to your face and make you look more put together, even if you've just rolled out of bed. Besides, not many things can make you feel instantly in control like a good red lip.

Whip out the lipstick

Bright block colours are your friends

Black may be our go-to going out colour but it looks very blah on camera. Loud patterns are a definite no-no. Look for some bright block-coloured shirts or kurtas with fun details like a dramatic collar or embellishments. If your kurta or shirt is all the fashion you can show, make it speak.

Declutter your background

We're at least a year into the zoom way of life. It's time to commit. Find yourself a space in your house that not only has great natural lighting, but also an aesthetically pleasing background. People are getting a glimpse into your home whether or not you like it. So make sure it isn't distracting. Clean out the clutter and keep it neutral. Centre yourself in the frame so people don't see more background and less you. If you want to go the extra mile, a few books and plants, though not necessary, might make you like your space a little bit more.

Declutter your background

Use the "touch up my appearance" option

Zoom has a "touch up my appearance" option in its setting that basically acts as a filter. It's a low effort way to up your zoom game.

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