Formal Dresses That Mean Business: The Ultimate Workwear Edit by Binks

Formal Dresses That Mean Business: The Ultimate Work Wear Edit by Binks

Elevate your wardrobe with Binks-made formal dresses that will take you from day to night with minimal accessories

Formal dresses are a wardrobe essential for any working woman. A well-tailored, stylish dress can boost your confidence and make you feel empowered to take on any challenge. But we get it, finding the perfect dress for work can be a daunting task. You want to look professional and put-together, but also stylish and comfortable. Luckily for you, Binks has got your back. Our expert designers can create a personalised formal dress that checks all the boxes. Below are our top six picks to give you some inspiration.

Formal dresses that can be made in Size 'You' by Binks

1. The Classic Shift Dress

This classic silhouette is a work wardrobe must-have. It’s versatile, flattering, and perfect for any season. You can dress it up or down with accessories, making it an ideal choice for those days when you’re rushing to work. Want a tailored version of this dress? Ping us on WhatsApp or download our app on PlayStore / iOS and leave the rest to us!

The Classic Shift Dress
Shift dress. Image: Pinterest

2. The Wrap Dress

This style flatters all body types, making it a must-have in your work wardrobe. It's elegant, comfortable, and perfect for those days when you have back-to-back meetings. Let Binks customise your wrap dress with a variety of prints, fabrics, and colours to create a unique piece that's all your own.

The Wrap Dress
Wrap dress. Image: Pinterest

3. The A-Line Dress

This universally-flattering shape is perfect for women who want to look sophisticated yet stylish. The A-line dress comes in various lengths, so you can choose one that suits your body type and personal style. Place an order with Binks for the perfect A-line dress that flatters your curves in all the right places.

A-Line Dress
A-Line Dress. Image: Pinterest

4. The Shirt Dress

It’s good for days when you want to look professional but don't want to sacrifice comfort. The shirt dress can be dressed up or down and is perfect for any work setting. Choose from Binks' wide range of fabrics to create your perfect shirt dress.

Shirt Dress
Shirt Dress. Image: Pinterest

5. The Sheath Dress

This style is perfect for the modern working woman. It’s form-fitting, elegant, and makes a statement. You can choose a solid colour or a bold print to add some personality to your work wardrobe. Binks can make your work wear dreams come true with a tailored-to-your-measurements sheath dress, adding your personal touch with custom colours and fabrics.

Sheath Dress
Sheath dress. Image: Pinterest

6. The Maxi Dress

This dress is for those days when you want to look effortlessly chic. The maxi dress is comfortable, versatile, and perfect for any season. You can dress it up with heels or keep it casual with flats. Get a perfectly tailored maxi dress to suit your style and preferences with Binks.

Maxi Dress
Maxi dress. Image: Pinterest

At Binks, we understand the importance of a perfect fit and ensure that you get the best-ever-fitting outfit. So don't settle for off-the-rack dresses that never fit perfectly. With Binks, you can customise any of these styles to suit your taste and personality.

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