Dopamine Dressing: What The Trend Is About & How Can You Imbibe It

Dopamine Dressing: What The Trend Is About & How Can You Imbibe It

Neon colours, glittering shoes, flashy bags – does it seem like brands have gone hyperdrive with colours this year? Fashion this year has evolved from being about brands, labels, and trends, to being more of a personal mood booster. The insurgence of trends that were dictated by mood-boosting and quirky pieces induced a sense of joy and playfulness. With the world slowly clawing its way out of the pandemic, there is a deeper need to represent mood and emotions. For most, it is through the dressing. The desire to dress based on mood isn’t new. We often find ourselves subconsciously gravitating to a particular colour on certain occasions. However, this year, this thought has become a fashion trend where ‘dopamine dressing’ became one of the top trends of 2022.

Dopamine Dressing
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High on Dopamine

In 2012, Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire investigated the concept of wearing certain clothes to make us happier. Pine undertook a study into this idea of ‘dopamine dressing’ and found that when participants wore clothes of symbolic value to them, their perceived confidence increased. Often referred to as “enclothed cognition, “researchers have found that our clothes can directly impact our psychology, mood, and performance. There is a psychological association between colour, style, and texture to memories. It is also the reason for many yesteryear trends coming back to life. From Y2k reboots in vivid colours to whimsical beaded jewellery and bags, there is a newfound love for bright and energizing things. So, whether you’re going for a colourful, sexy or simply comfortable look, it’s all about wearing what makes you feel good.

High on Dopamine
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Is it only about Bright Colours?

The simple answer is no. There is a connection between our outfits and our state of mind. Dressing in a way that brings us joy and boosts our mood is what dopamine dressing is all about. So it can be about wearing a zebra print top with hot pink pants or dressing in all black for some edgy retro vibe. Give your usual style a break and try something new. It is said these experiments can also trigger dopamine release. If you are eying that leather jacket or want to sport a halter neck top, don’t hesitate! It is all about sporting colours this season — in the brightest hues and boldest prints.

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Get your dose of Dopamine

The concept of colour theory applies to different aspects of life, including home decor, fashion and branding. Some of the common colour perceptions include –

  • Cold colours like blue induce feelings of calmness and creativity
  • Warm colours like red can cause feelings of excitement and arousal
  • Earthy colours like yellow help boost energy

However, when it comes to the human psyche, colours can have a different impact. To truly embrace dopamine dressing, one must be aware of their mood and style. For example, there is a natural inclination to dress up for an event like a wedding or birthday. There is extra care in planning the colour, silhouette, and styling of each outfit element. Dopamine dressing can be considered an extension of those days to everyday life. It is about enjoying the high one gets from planning the outfit. The beauty of dopamine dressing is not about wearing flashy colours. It is an individual’s choice. An outfit that’s “stunning” to one person could fall flat for another.

It seems perfectly possible that many of us will embrace our personal styles and preferences as we emerge further from this pandemic. But it is evident that fashion now is no longer about following blind trends. So if you are not wearing florals for spring, we are confident Miranda Priestly wouldn’t give you her ‘what are you wearing’ look, but appreciate you for your personal choice.

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