Clothes missing pockets? Binks will add them.

Clothes missing pockets? Binks will add them.

As mobile phones get larger, pockets get smaller and as outfits get fancier, pockets begin to disappear. This odd inconsistency, although not gone undetected by us, hasn’t been fixed by the fashion industry.

The frustrating times of running our hands through the seams of our garments subconsciously searching for a pocket is a hookey game we have all been caught in. Call it what you want- a glorified cellphone holder, portable key stand, or just a good old pocket to store your knick-knacks in. It can be universally agreed that pockets in outfits make life easy.

As for the garments that cannot boast of having pockets, Binks has just the solution…

With a wave of our tailoring wand, we magically attach a pocket to the garment of your choice and instantly transform a pocket-less outfit into one of ease and convenience. We like to think of ourselves as your personal, pocket-attaching fairy godmother who will add a pocket on your kurtas, dresses, or trousers each for Rs. 99! What can we say? Binks has your back… or in this case, pocket!

pocket dress

We encourage you to go hands-free by adding pockets to almost any outfit that has a side seam.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, we find a matching pocket fabric
  • Then, we cut it up into a spacious pocket
  • And finally, we sew it neatly in the side-seam of whichever side you prefer.

Our pockets are roomy and will fit your entire hand too.

So tell one, tell all! Send us your outfits that need that Binks special touch and we’ll work our magic and return them with as many pockets as you need!
If you’re looking for a tailor to stitch more than just a pocket for you, take a quick peep right here.

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