A Guide To Saree Collecting: Beginner's Level

Guide to Saree Collecting

To all the women who are out there building your saree collection, we see you. Every girl finds her love for sarees at some point in her life. While our first memory of a saree is scouring through our mother’s wardrobe, it is also important to have a collection that speaks to your personality, fits every occasion, and is worthy of your time and money. As a women-first company, here, we’ve put together a simple beginner’s guide to saree collecting.

Heirloom saree collecting

Whenever you visit your grandparents’ house, there is always that one almirah that is filled with clothes of yesteryears. Each fabric has a story and memory associated with it. And grandmothers love passing on their favourite pieces to their grandchildren. These inevitably become the first pieces of your collection. Filled with craftsmanship and old-world charm, every saree is a treasure to keep and pass on. To keep these pieces safe, read our blog to know which sarees should you dry clean, and which one you should wash.

Workwear saree collecting

A working woman is always looking for pieces that are comfortable, simple, and affordable. As a result, sarees become a woman’s best friend. Binks recommends breathable cotton and linens. Mangalagiri, mulmul, khadi, and Kota are some of our top picks as they come in a variety of colours and prints suitable for board meetings and presentations. That said, we also recommend investing in a good blouse to bring the whole look together. Place an order to get your blouse at Binks from the comfort of your home. We guarantee there will be no turning back!

Party wear saree collection

Whether you are a party animal or a couch potato, having a good selection of party wear is a must. Although styles and designs change, one can never go wrong with sarees as party wear. Glamorous sequined sarees, breezy chiffon sarees, and sexy satin sarees have stood the test of time, and these 10 iconic sarees from Bollywood movies prove how certain looks can never go out of style.

Weddings and functions saree collection

No wardrobe is complete without a dedicated section for wedding wear! A collection predominantly ruled by silks, we recommend investing in a variety of silks from different parts of the country. Kanchipuram silks are known for the heavy gold zari and intricate design and vibrance that works for muhurthams and receptions. Banarasi silks are soft and lustrous that have held a high position among the royals of India. Known for their cost and embroidery, these pieces have been in style for decades. Chanderi silks are known for their soft, light texture and shimmery appearance, making them a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Building a saree collection is not a month’s job. It takes time, and more importantly, it evolves with your personal style. We hope you have as much fun styling them as you did collecting them. While we are on the subject of sarees, did you know there are 6 unique ways to drape a saree? If you have started your saree collection, share your tips and tricks with our Binks readers!


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