8 Unexpected Outfits You Can Get Stitched With Binks

8 Unexpected Outfits You Can Get Stitched With Binks

More often than not, we expect tailors to stitch the usual outfits — saree blouses, kurtas or any other everyday Indian wear. When we need party wear, office wear, or even casual wear - we always tend to gravitate towards readymade clothing. But, when you chose online tailoring with Binks, you can expect the unexpected, ‘cause we are here to change this perception of yours entirely!

Need pantsuits for the next event at the office or casual outfits for your next vacation? You can get all these outfits custom-stitched from scratch with Binks! Or, you can also upcycle your old clothes into brand new outfits of your choice.

In this article, we’re talking about some unexpected outfits that were tailor-made at Binks for our lovely customers. The outfits here may spark an idea for a unique outfit that we can stitch up for you!

1. Pantsuits by Binks

When you think of pantsuits, you only think ready-made, don’t you? But, ready-made pantsuits may not fit you well, and let’s not get started on how expensive they can be. At Binks, we have a more economical and fun solution for you.

You can repurpose your old sarees or pick up a fabric of your choice to get a pantsuit that’s tailor-made, suits your style and fits you beautifully!


2. Coord sets by Binks

Fancy those co-ord sets pinned on your Pinterest wishlist? Well, now you can make these wishes come true! We can stitch a co-ord set of your choice just like the one we designed for our customer below.

The gorgeous one-shoulder corset, along with the hand-crafted accordion-pleated skirt, was the perfect pandemic birthday outfit! You, too, can get co-ord sets tailor-made with the fabric of your choice at Binks.

Coord sets

3. Tulle skirts

Looking for a dreamy tulle skirt for the next celebration? We’ve got you covered! You’ll love the electric blue tulle skirt that we recently designed for one of our customer’s birthday celebrations. We definitely try to go the extra mile to bring your dream outfit to life, so make sure you come to us with your wishlist!

Tulle skirts

4. Mom-and-me twinning outfits

Is it your little one’s birthday? Or are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? This definitely calls for one of those cute mom-and-me twinning outfits!

Be it lehengas, gowns, or anarkalis, you can come to us with your mom-and-me twinning outfit ideas, and we’ll get them made for you. You can also upcycle your old sarees to create mother-daughter twinning outfits.

Mom & baby twinning outfits

5. Button-front skirts

High-waist, button-front skirts are timeless and versatile pieces of clothing that you can mix and match with several different blouses. You can build it up with a sequin blouse for an evening party look or dial it down by pairing it with a minimalistic cotton blouse.

You can get button-front skirts stitched with Binks in the color of your choice. We’re sure these skirts will become the most worn pieces in your wardrobe.

Button-front skirts

6. Puzzle dress

Always loved the idea of a puzzle dress? We recently designed one by mixing two in-house fabrics. The dress looks fresh and is comfy to slip into as well. The best part - we also added a fully-functional pocket and stitched a matching mask to go with the dress!

Puzzle dress

7. Tie-up belt

Don’t we all love those statement bels that completely change the look of an outfit? Be it a western outfit or an Indian one, a statement belt can instantly make you look more chic and put together.

Here, at Binks, we recently crafted this stunning tie-up belt that can be paired with both Indian and western outfits. And the belt was entirely made from the border of a blouse fabric. You, too, can get such custom belts of your choice stitched with Binks.

Tie-up belt

8. Pre-stitched and fully custom-stitched saree


At Binks, we are all about functional fashion while embracing our roots. We know Bengaluru women love sarees but do not have the time to get one draped with perfectly placed pleats.

This is why we have come up with our signature One-Minute Sarees. You can either send us your existing sarees or get a new one made from scratch. We’ll stitch the pleats of the saree or add clip-on attachments so that the pleats sit well based on your measurements. You can drape the saree and be ready to walk out of the house in under a minute.

Get your outfits tailor-made with love at Binks

By now, you know that Binks is more than your ordinary tailor. Instead of sticking to the conventional, we love to push our limits to come up with new and innovative designs for you every day.

We welcome you to try Binks and enjoy a seamless online tailoring experience with us. So, pick a few dream outfits from your Pinterest wishlist or simply tell us what you have in mind — our in-house designers will work their magic and bring them to life.

You can place an order on our website or WhatsApp us on +91 85440 70539.

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