5 Pretty Pattu Pavadai Designs For Kids That Binks Can Stitch (2023 Edition)

5 Pretty Pattu Pavadai Designs For Kids That Binks Can Stitch (2023 Edition)

If you’re looking to stitch a Pattu Pavadai set for your kids then you're at the right place! We’ve got the best Pattu Pavadai designs for you right here!

Pattu Pavadai also popularised as Langa Davani and Lehenga Choli across different states in India, is a traditional dress, comprising a skirt and blouse combination. Pattu Pavadai designs are very popular in South India, and is even more popular amongst the Binks fanbase in Bengaluru.

Over the years, we've made many designs for our littlest customers, and for this Pattu Pavadai-special feature, we are rounding up five of the prettiest Pattu Pavadai designs for kids that can be tailor-made by our team! Our favourite is the Pattu Pavadai with a peplum-style blouse with tiny puff sleeves and a pleated skirt. See #5 on this list.

5 Pretty Pattu Pavadai Designs For Kids That Binks Can Stitch (20233 Edition)

1. Pattu Pavadai designs ft. the cutest bow

Let's be honest, there's literally no item of clothing in the whole world that can't be elevated with the help of a cute li'l bow! But we know that tying one again and again, is extremely cumbersome, so we'll pre-stitch one on your little one's blouse for them, and also add the adorable cap sleeves to the blouse. So, complete this Pattu Pavadai fit by getting an elasticated skirt stitched for your princess.

Pattu Pavadai set_5
Pattu Pavadai ft. the cutest bow. Image: Binks

2. Pattu Pavadai made from mom's fave saree

Have a saree you love, and looking for a way to upcycle it for your li'l one? Send it over to us, and we'll upcycle it into the cutest Pattu Pavadai set for your daughter. Moreover, our Fashion Designer will custom-make a Pattu Pavadai design based on the saree. See below, a customised, upcycled Pattu Pavadai set that we recently made for a tiny tot.

Pattu Pavadai set_3
Pattu Pavadai made from mom's fave saree. Image: Binks

3. Pattu Pavadai meets the saree

Loosely falling drapes or a dupatta take the fun away from watching your little one run carefree in their Pattu Pavadai set, so we'll pre-stitch pleats and add a pallu onto the Pattu Pavadai set for you, if you'd like this fun take on the classic style.

Pattu Pavadai set
Pattu Pavadai meets the saree. Image: Pinterest

4. Pattu Pavadai meets the dress

One of our favourite Pattu Pavadai creations ever is the Pattu Pavadai-meets-the-dress combination. We'll stitch a lovely floor-length dress for your toddler that can be paired with a contrasting top or blouse of your choice for occasions, and can also be worn just as is for an informal soiree.

Pattu Pavadai dress
Pattu Pavadai meets the dress. Image: Binks

5. Pattu Pavadai ft. a peplum blouse

Our favourite Pattu Pavadai set is this gorgeous design featuring a peplum-style blouse with tiny puff sleeves and a pleated skirt. Pick a colour you'd like for this style, and head to getbinks.com to place an order for a completely customised Pattu Pavadai set for your little girl.

Pattu Pavadai set_4
Pattu Pavadai ft. a peplum blouse. Image: Binks

If you’re looking for a tailor to bring these inspirations to life then Binks is your BFF! Moreover, all of this happens from the comfort of your own home. To get started, place an order on our website or WhatsApp us on +91 85440 70539.

Binks’ Pattu Pavadai FAQs

1. What is a Pattu Pavadai?

Pattu Pavadai is a traditional dress of South India worn by small and teenage girls. It consists of a full-length skirt (Pavadai) with pleats and tied around the waist, usually made of silk (Pattu) fabric. It is paired with a blouse or a Sattai.

2. How much does it cost to stitch a Pattu Pavadai?

At Binks, you can get Pattu Pavadai stitched for your kids from Rs. 999 onwards. Additional charges apply for heavy fabric stitching, cutouts/scallops, and cancan.

3. Where can I get a Pattu Pavadai stitched in Bangalore?

You can get Pattu Pavadai stitched from Binks, an online tailoring service for women and kids. Our entire customer experience is at-home. So, our Fashion Designer will come to your house, during a time slot selected by you -- so you do not have to worry about the hassle of going to a tailoring shop. We’ll deliver the outfits to your doorstep within 5 to 15 working days.


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