10 unique style statements for the upcoming wedding season 2024

10 unique style statements for the upcoming wedding season 2024

Wedding season, also referred to as our personal fashion week is just around the corner and we at Binks are here to help you make every wedding your ramp with the latest fashion trends for Indian wedding dresses. Here are some Indian wedding outfits that'll cement your fashionista status!

Stunning blouses for this wedding season

Single sleeves are big this season

There's a lot that can be done with just the sleeve (singular) of your saree or lehenga blouses that can make it fashion-forward. Single sleeves are so fun and eye-catching, you need at least one in the arsenal of your designer saree blouse designs this wedding season. Add some detail to the sleeve, like an embroidered cuff or a puff to make it extra special.


Put a ruffle on it

If you insist on keeping both your sleeves on you, then ruffle it up! A ruffled sleeve is a contemporary yet wearable style among the new saree blouse designs. You don't have to stop there, though. You can add ruffles to your entire blouse and even your saree pallu or lehenga. What we mean to say is...if you like it then you should put a ruffle on it.

saree blouse designs

Back it up

Blouse Design

Shaheen x Tyohaar | Charcoal Black Elbow Sleeves FlexiFit™ Saree Blouse with Zero Neck with Back Cut-Out and Gota Embellishment_2

The back of your blouse can elevate it 10 folds, whether you want something understated or make it really stand out. Plain backs just don't add enough oomph for a wedding plus there are just so many amazing designs out there, it would be a crime not to have a little fun. Since there are so many charming saree blouse back designs we love this year, we had to list them out for you here.

Play with colour

Florals and pastels are going to be wedding faves for a really long time but don't be afraid to play with colour! Amongst the designer lehenga choli online, we’re seeing a lot of bright florals with stunning contrasting blouses. The perfect time to sport a playful lehenga is for the mehendi and the perfect place to get one stitched is right here at Binks.

Zohra x Luxe | Bottle Green Saree Blouse w/ FlexiFit™ Side Seam_1
lehenga choli online

Add an Indo-western twist

Weddings these days don't exactly come with a need to wear only a saree or lehenga. There's plenty of time and scope to experiment with styles and outfits. Some of the most trending Indian wedding dresses this season are Indo-western clothes that tie in the comfort of the west and the craftsmanship of home. For comfort, style or otherwise, these outfits allow you to experiment and you get to do you! (Especially if you get them custom made at Binks)


Try a different draping style

If you intend to buy a simple pattu sarees online for wedding season this year and don't have time to style it up, try a different kind of drape to add some drama to your OOTD. Instagram is filled with reels and tutorials on fun and creative ways to drape your standard saree and turn it into an avant-garde outfit. We're linking some here for you.


Throw a belt on your saree

If a traditional drape is your best friend but you'd love to put a chic twist on it, consider wearing your saree with a belt. You can have a belt custom-designed for your saree for a colour-coordinated look or use one of your usual belts as long as it works with your colour palette.


Upcycle your old sarees

If you're a babe on a budget with every friend you have walking down the aisle this year, we got you. Consider upcycling some of your old sarees to go easy on the wallet and also the environment. Your saree can be upcycled into a lehenga choli dress or any of the latest trending dresses for wedding you see online with the right tailor.

old sarees

Comfortable is always fashionable

Weddings are a lot of activity squished into very little time. While the urge to suffer for fashion and the gram is real, make sure you're comfortable for all the dancing, posing, eating and all kinds of fun waiting for you at the wedding. If you're worried about your saree draping skills (let's file this under a list of things that feel like an Olympic sport but are not), Binks' 1-minute saree might be perfect for your wedding saree collection. To make extra room for all the yummy wedding food without compromising on your saree blouse designs, consider getting Binks' elastic side seam blouse that is the perfect way to marry some comfort and room to grow with some fashion.

Now that you have all the fashion first ideas you need to 'runway' through the wedding season, let us know which of these you'd like to try first? If you need a little tailoring the perfect wedding look, reach out to us at Binks for your 1-minute saree, upcycled outfit, perfect silk saree blouse designs and everything in between!

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