10 Unique Saree Blouse Designs For The Wedding Season!

10 Unique Saree Blouse Designs For The Wedding Season!

The ultimate look-book for the bride-to-be

Saree blouse design ideas that are far from boring? We’ve got you covered bride-to-be! Browse through for a little Binks-piration and then head here to create your dream design.

10 unique saree blouse design ideas for every type of bride-to-be

Unique saree blouse design idea for the minimalist

Frills, ruffles and faux feather-textured blouses are an acquired taste — we get it! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room to don your minimal style and yet have fun with your ensemble.

Puff sleeves, zari-borders or a closed neck design are some of the tried-and-tested blouse patterns that are both stylish and minimal, here are a some design ideas that we’ve curated, specially for you:

Puff sleeves blouse
Puff sleeve saree blouse design. Image: Pinterest
Closed neck saree blouse design
Closed neck saree blouse design. Image: Pinterest

For the fashionista

You are the icon, the moment, the legend, and today is your day, our fashion-forward friend! Play with the saree blouse design’s sleeve cut, its back design, embroidery or add a dash of tassels. The world is your oyster!

Psst… If you’re a Bollywood buff, this design guide is made for you!

Unique saree blouse design idea for the bling-lover

Weddings are heavy on jewellery, but the brides of 2022 are adding extra oomph with statement blouses! Ladies, pair your Kundan heirlooms with pearl-crested sleeves, dangling sequinned blouse, or latkans!

For the bride that adores hand-made weaves

Every state in India is rich in arts. From chikankari to zardosi, and more there is a wide range of artisanal talent to choose from. So don’t feel shy to choose a handwoven fabric from our country’s rich cultural offering for your big day!

chikankari blouse
Chikankari saree blouse design. Image: Pinterest

Unique saree blouse design idea for the dopamine dresser

Dopamine dressing is now a trend and the wedding day is the perfect day to embrace this style! Neon colours, vibrant embroidery, quirky prints – choose a design that gives you a rush of happiness for your big day!


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