6 Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe (World Environment Day)

    6 Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe (World Environment Day)

    In the last few years, fast fashion has taken over the world. When high-end brands come up with new product lines, high-street fashion brands quickly give us alternates. We went from purchasing clothes for special occasions to shopping monthly because of a sale. While shopping is therapeutic, we as world citizens must also be conscious of how our decisions have consequences. Starting this World Environment Day, instead of dumping old clothes into a landfill to refill your closet, here are 5 ways you can create a sustainable wardrobe that is stylish, environment friendly, and fashionable.

    Up-cycle old garments

    Do you feel done with an outfit like a pair of jeans or a saree? Up-cycle them and create a sustainable wardrobe. Binks offers customization, and we love to up-cycle old clothes. This not only gives them a new purpose but also a cool way to sport the same piece. A pair of jeans can be turned into a grocery bag or cool bucket hat, while a saree can be a great choice for a salwar set.

    Up-cycle old garments

    Mix and match

    Sustainability in fashion is not limited to owning pieces produced with a conscience; it is also about having a long shelf life. In a world of Instagram fashion, we are extra careful about repeating clothes. But instead of buying new ones for special occasions, mix and match used pairs. Have a lehenga set that you wore to a friend’s wearing? Style the skirt with a crisp shirt and pair the outfit with a chunky necklace. Similarly, the blouse can be worn with a saree to create a new look.

    Style the skirt with a crisp shirt

    Opt for organic fabric

    Did you know a polyester shirt is thought to take anywhere from 20-200 years to decompose? This is just one of many shocking facts about the fabrics we use in our day-to-day life. Instead of wearing something synthetic, opt for organic, biodegradable fabric like cotton or linen that can decompose much faster. These fabrics are not environment friendly but also feel light on the skin during summer.

    polyester shirt

    Rent clothes for special occasions

    Sometimes we invest in expensive clothes for one occasion like an award show or cocktail party. We suggest renting from stores for that one occasion. This way, the outfit is loved by all and worn by many without burning a hole in anyone’s pocket. And the best part? This option allows you to buy from famous designers at a fraction of the cost.

    cocktail party dress

    Own multi-functional pieces

    There are many clothing categories now – work wear, resort wear, and loungewear. To create a sustainable wardrobe, choose outfits that can be worn on more than one occasion. If a top is office-friendly, amp it up with funky jewelry when out with friends. Have a kaftan for a beach trip? Wear that with a cool pair of palazzos while brunching with friends in the city too!

    multi-functional pieces

    Purchase from flea markets or thrift stores

    A sustainable wardrobe is a combination of clothes, accessories, and jewels. Now that we spoke at length about building a sustainable apparel wardrobe, your accessories and jewels can also be equally sustainable. When it comes to buying bags, jewels, or other accessories, scour throw flea markets or local thrift stores. These pre-loved items can be a great alternative to buying accessories. In fact, each of them will have a story that makes them extra special.

    This World Environment Day, let’s vow to make this earth a better place with conscious choices. While we love keeping up with the latest trends, it is also important to focus on slow fashion that will stay with us for a longer period of time. If you are looking to custom stitch a pre-loved item of clothing into a co-ord set, visit our website.

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